Tip Of The Day..

Young peo­ple who crave excite­ment become gang members.
The media often glam­or­ize the gang lifestyle. » Young peo­ple who can­not resist peer pres­sure may join because their friends are in gangs.
They may feel pres­sured to join to be part of the “in” crowd. » Young peo­ple who are fear­ful often feel that being a gang mem­ber will keep them safe.
If they are chal­lenged by oth­ers, their gang/​crew will help them retal­i­ate because in the gang cul­ture, no chal­lenge goes unanswered.
Perversely, this idea of “safe­ty” leads to increased vio­lence. » Youth who do not under­stand the con­se­quences do not ful­ly under­stand the risks of being in a gang. Risks include arrest, phys­i­cal assault and in some cas­es, death. » Young peo­ple are often recruit­ed by old­er gang mem­bers to com­mit their crim­i­nal acts, because the adults feel that laws are more lenient on juveniles.
In Jamaica the laws are lenient on all crim­i­nals so the lat­ter line does not apply. However lax law enforce­ment and a porous and delin­quent jus­tice sys­tem encour­ages and enhances the process of crim­i­nal­i­ty and Gang activ­i­ty it was designed to remedy.

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