Broken System Of Justice /​the Foxes Are Running The Hen-house..

Well what do you know?

If you are still won­der­ing why there are so many homi­cides in Jamaica amidst the hype about“one love “and the oth­er b**s**t Jingles they use to lure unsus­pect­ing tourists in, look no fur­ther than the courts.
It’s not just the courts which are con­tribut­ing to the high kill rate , but they play a large role in con­tribut­ing to it.
It is extreme­ly dif­fi­cult for the Police to take mur­der­ers off the streets, pri­mar­i­ly because of a lack of train­ing, tools and remu­ner­a­tions to name a few of the depart­men­t’s don’t have.

Portia Simpson Miller the for­mer Prime Minister

On the rare occa­sion that a mur­der­er is arrest­ed for a crime , one would log­i­cal­ly assume it would make sense to keep him in cus­tody and expe­dite his tri­al so that the soci­ety can send a clear mes­sage mur­ders will not be tolerated.
Well if you thought that is the strat­e­gy you are wrong.
As soon as they are brought in by the Police the Judges who are friends with the high priced lawyers who rep­re­sent the killers release them on bail.

Oh by the way if you are won­der­ing where poor inner- city res­i­dents (gen­er­al­ly the shooters)get mon­ey to afford these high priced lawyers to defend them ?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Now in order to under­stand the dynam­ics of the high mur­der rate you have to con­sid­er who pays the lawyers.
You also have to con­sid­er that the lawyers and judges gen­er­al­ly all grad­u­ate from the same col­leges , they hang out togeth­er and they all come from the same dirty pool.

Bruce Golding

So the strat­e­gy is to release them back onto the streets and drag the case on and on and on after which it’s thrown out for want of prosecution.
Victims and their fam­i­lies be damned.
Now it mat­ters not that the want of pros­e­cu­tion is some­times facil­i­tat­ed by the very sys­tem which is sup­posed to pun­ish offenders.

Out of that help from the sys­tem the crim­i­nal under­world craft­ed it’s own strat­e­gy to stay out of jail for good.
Simply kill the witnesses!!!
Check mate.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck

There is so much to unpack from whats dri­ving the homi­cide rate in our country.
In order to under­stand it one has to divest him­self of the notion that Government (par­ty nueteral)is act­ing in the best inter­est of cit­i­zens and the Judges are hon­est people.
If you are able to facil­i­tate that men­tal divorce you will then become out­raged to learn that the Island’s Justice Minister Delroy Chuck pro­posed that all cas­es on the court dock­ets over 5 years be purged for good.
Including Murder cases !!!

Every liv­ing per­son with the abil­i­ty to think, must know that ‑that is a homi­cide enhance­ment motion.
Much like the INDECOM Act, hasti­ly thrown togeth­er and forced onto the coun­try by Bruce Golding and his cronies , includ­ing Holness ‚with the bless­ings of the sim­ple mind­ed Portia Simpson Miller and her band of miscreants.

Since it is not too dif­fi­cult to under­stand that if you are pre­pared to toss mur­ders , rapes and oth­er seri­ous cas­es, crim­i­nals are going to do their part to make sure that cas­es do not get tried before the 5 year cut off date.
Delroy Chuck is no fool he is a well edu­cat­ed lawyer , so every­one must under­stand that he knows exact­ly what he is doing when he makes such a proposal.
Neither Chuck or any oth­er indi­vid­ual must have the right to make such momen­tous decisions.
There is a rea­son mur­der does not have a statute of limitation .
It is a vio­la­tion against com­mon law. That means there does­n’t have to be a statute cre­at­ed by man to make the tak­ing of anoth­er human life pun­ish­able with seri­ous puni­tive respons­es includ­ing the mur­der­ers own death.
From the begin­ning of record­ed his­to­ry it has been the ulti­mate crime.
Against man and God.
For my read­ers who do not under­stand what that means here goes. There are no time lim­its on pros­e­cut­ing a per­son for killing anoth­er human being.
Whenever you are caught you are going to be pun­ished 50 or a hun­dred years lat­er, it does not matter.

This is why Jamaicans have to look at the peo­ple they put in pow­er with a seri­ous eye . More impor­tant­ly they have to know what peo­ple stand for before putting them in office.
You don’t vote for an indi­vid­ual sim­ply because he/​she is part of the par­ty you like.
Purging court dock­ets under the guise that it will free up the courts and sub­se­quent­ly make the sys­tem more flu­id and effi­cient, will pro­duce the exact oppo­site. It Will cre­ate expo­nen­tial­ly more mur­ders by offend­ers who under­stand all they have to do is frus­trate the process for 5 years .
Their high priced lawyers and cor­rupt judges know exact­ly how to get that accomplished.

Docket purge hap­pens day in day out on it’s own . Hiring more judges at the Resident Magistrate lev­el quick­ly resolves the backlogs,.
These lawyers you hire to run the coun­try knows that. That’s the fix, not reward­ing mur­der­ers and oth­er dan­ger­ous felons with absolution.
So whats behind this idea to purge court dockets?
Could it be that they have peo­ple on them they do not want to face the courts?
Maybe ‚but that is hard­ly the rea­son they could sim­ply toss a judge some mon­ey at the tri­al lev­el or even cook up an appeal for those already con­vict­ed and with enough mon­ey they can get any­one off any charge.

So the rea­son has to be a pay­back to the crim­i­nals in their constituencies .
You nev­er see smoke with­out fire, there will be no one in that Gordon House to say , “wait just a minute this is not a good idea”.
Because it serves their inter­est not the inter­est of the public.
A pub­lic which have now fall­en in love with the killings and for the most part , are fix­at­ed on prof­i­teer­ing from the killculture


Peter Abrahams’ alleged killer gets bail

The 61-one-year-old farmer who was impli­cat­ed in the death of vet­er­an jour­nal­ist Peter Abrahams was offered $300,000 bail when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.Norman Tomlinson of Cyprus dis­trict in Red Hills, St Andrew, who is the hus­band of Abrahams’ helper, was offered bail by Parish Judge Sanchia Burrell last Friday.

Bail was offered on con­di­tion that he reports Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Constant Spring Police Station and sur­ren­der his trav­el doc­u­ments. Abrahams was found dead at his home in Red Hills on January 18, with an injury to his head. The police say a post-mortem revealed that his injuries were delib­er­ate­ly inflict­ed. Tomlinson is sched­uled to return to court on June 26.