James Forbes Freed On Appeal

Former Senior Superintendent of Police James Forbes, who was charged with Portland MP Daryl Vaz and Tankweld boss Bruce Bicknell in 2014, had his con­vic­tion reversed by the appel­late court this morning.
Forbes was charged with attempt­ing to per­vert the course of jus­tice in a case where Bicknell was issued a traf­fic tick­et for speeding.
SSP Forbes became embroiled in the affair after he was alleged­ly asked to inter­cede on Bicknell’s behalf by Vaz, a friend of Bicknell.
In a con­vo­lut­ed twist, Forbes was con­vict­ed of the charge, while Vaz and Bicknell were freed.
Forbes was fined $800,000 or six months in prison, the court of appeals ordered that the $800,000 be returned to Forbes immediately.