Demographic Changes, Already A Black President, A Black Vice-president, Their Racist Demagogue Voted Out Of Office

For those of you who thought pol­i­tics was any­thing but a zero-sum game, guess again. Try fig­ur­ing out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California stand­ing in the house and lay­ing blame on Donald Trump for insti­gat­ing the house insur­rec­tion on January 6th, only to then turn around just over a day lat­er and say Trump was not respon­si­ble then run to Florida to lick the dust from the de-plat­formed Trump’s shoes.
How about b*∑**h, I mean Mitch McConnell refus­ing to say Joe Biden was the win­ner of the November 2020 elec­tions, at the time he believed that Trump would find a way to hold onto pow­er, then after he real­ized that Biden would be sworn into office he lit into Trump say­ing the fol­low­ing on the floor of the Senate.




There’s no ques­tion, none, that President Trump is prac­ti­cal­ly and moral­ly respon­si­ble for pro­vok­ing the events of the day.”
“The peo­ple who stormed this build­ing believed they were act­ing on the wish­es and instruc­tions of their pres­i­dent,” he said, “and hav­ing that belief was a fore­see­able con­se­quence of the grow­ing crescen­do of false state­ments, con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries, and reck­less hyper­bole which the defeat­ed pres­i­dent kept shout­ing into the largest mega­phone on plan­et Earth.“He did not do his job. He did­n’t take steps so fed­er­al law could be faith­ful­ly exe­cut­ed and order restored.”
The same Mitch McConnell, said Thursday that he would “absolute­ly” sup­port the for­mer pres­i­dent again if he secured the Republican nom­i­na­tion in 2024.



I won’t both­er ref­er­enc­ing Lindsay Graham much, suf­fic­ing to say that the South Carolina (water-boy), I meant Senator, has man­aged to make ser­vil­i­ty take on a new and even more degrad­ing meaning.
I would rather die than degrade myself the way Lindsay Graham debased him­self in servi­tude to Donald Trump; it is nauseating.
So exact­ly what’s at stake for these major play­ers in the Republican Party that have caused them to con­tort them­selves into bet­ter pret­zels swirls to remain in Trump’s goof grace?
As said with­out giv­ing too much oxy­gen to Graham, the dude talked about going to Florida to talk to Trump like he is a lit­tle dog unable to wait to see his mas­ter. Dude, where is your self-respect? Where are your pride and dignity?



We always knew that the right-wing of the Republican par­ty in the house con­sist­ed of Jim Jordon, Steve Scalise, Mo Brooks, and the oth­er nean­derthals like Marjorie Taylor Green, Bobert, Matt Gaetz, and oth­ers were straight-up white supremacists.
If you are pay­ing atten­tion, you can­not miss that; those clowns aren’t even try­ing to hide it.
We knew that in the Senate, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, Texas’s [Raphael] Cruz, Missouri’s Josh Hawley, that wist­ed face car­ni­val clown, John Kennedy and the oth­er Cuban, Florida’s lit­tle pup­py-dog Marco were will­ing tools to be used by Trump, but what is McConnell and McCarthy’s story?
You know the Republican par­ty is a shit-show when Liz Chaney is the ratio­nal; voice.



Between the men and women who walked away from the Republican par­ty and those who stayed and ca[itualted to Trumpism is a les­son to be learned on how total­i­tar­i­an­ism takes root in once-thriv­ing nations.
The cow­ardice is pal­pa­ble; the lack of spine and intesti­nal for­ti­tude to stand up to an igno­rant wannabe despot breaks down the guardrails and empow­ers the despot to push the enve­lope further.
That the Republican par­ty would com­plete­ly cede its pow­er to Donald Trump, who man­aged to lose the US House, the White House & Senate, all with­in a sin­gle pres­i­den­tial term, is remarkable.
Not only is Trump a los­er, but he is also a trai­tor who insti­gat­ed a mass insur­rec­tion against the United States after he lost the elec­tions. The results were cer­ti­fied by each state in the Union.
That is the per­son the Republicans in the house and the Senate decid­ed to turn the par­ty over to, along with his children.
It bears men­tion­ing just how close America came to be just anoth­er banana repub­lic in which insur­rec­tion­ists act­ing on the dic­tates of a tin-pan moron over­threw the government.
The whole coun­try watched as Donald Trump decap­i­tat­ed the Justice, Defense, and oth­er depart­ments’ senior lead­er­ship, even after los­ing the elections.
Those moves were designed to put in place lack­eys who would do his bid­ding after his mob mas­sa­cred the entire leg­isla­tive branch along with his own vice pres­i­dent, whom he had soured on for not fol­low­ing his orders.



The fact that Senate Republicans did not vote to con­vict Donald Trump after the sec­ond impeach­ment gives rise to the most fun­da­men­tal aspect of what’s at play here.
A con­vic­tion on the sin­gle charge of insti­gat­ing an insur­rec­tion against the United States gov­ern­ment, would have effec­tive­ly blocked Donald Trump from hold­ing fed­er­al office ever again.
So why did they not remove Trump even when he was first impeached? After all of the things, Trump had done, Republican Senators had ample oppor­tu­ni­ties to remove him from office, so why did­n’t they? Was it that they were afraid of his vot­ers? Were they afraid of being pri­maried? No, not even close!
By the time the sec­ond impeach­ment unfold­ed, Donald Trump was out of the White House; he was de-plat­formed by Twitter and Facebook, mak­ing him inel­i­gi­ble to run or hold office would have effec­tive­ly ren­dered Donald Trump irrel­e­vant. At the very best, Trump would have been reduced to a dimin­ish­ing blovi­at­ing failed wind­bag whose star had dimmed.
So why did Republicans miss that gold­en oppor­tu­ni­ty to act?

They did not act because they under­stand that the fight is no longer polit­i­cal. The fight is racial. As we watch more and more white men run toward the Republican par­ty, and even those who win under the “D” ban­ner, act like Republicans, speak­ing of West Virginia’s Joe Manchin. They under­stand that what’s ulti­mate­ly at stake is the dis­so­lu­tion of some of the pow­er that white men have held for hun­dreds of years.
Demographic changes, already a black pres­i­dent, a black vice-pres­i­dent, their racist dem­a­gogue vot­ed out of office on blacks’ strength and vot­ing pow­er in large urban cen­ters, and the insur­rec­tion of January 6th, 2021 was unavoid­ably foreseeable.
In the end, the Republican men and women who vot­ed to retain Trump as the head of their par­ty, (yes by not con­vict­ing him that’s what they did) are all white men and women except, of course, the two Cubans and the Ore Cookie that no one both­ered to send a memo.
The Biden appointees fac­ing con­for­ma­tion obsta­cles from Joe Manchin and Republicans in the Senate are all peo­ple of col­or. Deb Haaland is native-American, Neera Tanden is Indian-American, Xavier Becerra, is Mexican-American, you get the picture?
White men have nev­er had to com­pete for any­thing on a lev­el play­ing field. Having to con­tend with intel­li­gent, edu­cat­ed peo­ple of col­or for the most pow­er­ful jobs, and to be beat­en by them is gut-wrench­ing for them.
This is what’s at the heart of the bad blood in American pol­i­tics at the moment. The tox­i­c­i­ty of it all will con­tin­ue to play out in the years to come. How America deals with it will deter­mine its demise or survival.




Mike Beckles is a for­mer Police Detective, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer, black achiev­er hon­oree, and cre­ator of the blog mike​beck​les​.com.