City Of Poughkeepsie Honors Dr. Jesse Voyd Bottoms…

It was a joy­ous Easter Sunday after­noon at the cor­ner of Mansion & Catharine streets on Poughkeepsie’s south side. It was a sun­ny day with a cool light wind remind­ing every­one that we are still in the Hudson Valley, and yes, it was only April 4th.
The size­able gath­er­ing in atten­dance was not there at the inter­sec­tion, which boasts the impres­sive Beulah Baptist church for wor­ship service.
Easter wor­ship ser­vice was already over on zoom; peo­ple were get­ting ready to show up to receive the food pack­ages the church was giv­ing to needy city residents.
However, that was not all this crowd was there for; in the crowd was State Senator Sue Serino ®, County Executive, Marc Molinaro®, Mayor Rob Rollison®, assem­bly rep­re­sen­ta­tives, and mem­bers of the Beulah Baptist Church.
They were there to hon­or Pastor Jesse Voyd Bottoms, the man who has shep­herd­ed the flock at Beulah for almost 44-years.
In his Honor, the Intersection was named Rev. Dr. Jesse V. Bottoms Jr. Way.
It was a fit­ting trib­ute to a man who has giv­en yeo­man ser­vice, not just to his church, but to the city’s poor and needy community.
No oth­er indi­vid­ual in the city has done more to advance the com­mon good than Dr. Bottoms, whom I am proud to call my pastor.
Well done, Pastor & Mrs. Bottoms, well deserved.
From the Beckles Family.…..

Poughkeepsie fire Department duti­ful­ly ensured that the street was blocked for the dura­tion of the event.

Local Politicians turned up to pay trib­ute to the Reverend Dr. Bottoms.

Camera-crews get­ting ready

Local Pols turned up.

Residents and Parishioners began to congregate.

Mayor Rollison & oth­er local Pols.

Pastor Bottoms arrived at the event unaware that he would be hon­ored; he thought he would help hand out food.

Ushered along by Stacey Bottoms, Kris Bottoms, in the red hat, Pastor’s son looks on.

Still in the dark about what exact­ly is going on.

The unveil­ing by Kris Bottoms.

Pastor and Mrs. Jacquette Bottoms look on, along with County exec Marc Molorino & State Senator Sue Serino.

And there you have it, a well-deserved trib­ute to a man who has giv­en unselfish­ly to every­one who crossed his path.

Rev Willie Knight pays tribute.

Local Pol, Lorraine Johnson.

Sue Serino

Mayor Rob Rollison

County Executive Marc Molinaro

Pastor Bottoms respond with his usu­al humil­i­ty and grace.

Pastor & Mrs. Bottoms acknowl­edg­ing the love.

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