Why Is The Media Not Talking About The Killing Of This Student In His School By Police?

Police lied that Anthony Thompson, 17, shot an officer in his school’s bathroom. They then retracted the lie but have released few other details. It is reported the cop either shot himself or was shot by his cohorts.

Notwithstanding that police can arrest armed white mass mur­der­ers, they seem to have no desire to arrest unarmed African-Americans. On April 12th, police were called to the Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Anthony Thomson jr. is a junior.
Initial report­ing is that the police were called because the moth­er of Thompson’s girl­friend called police after her daugh­ter returned home from school ear­li­er than she should after a phys­i­cal con­fronta­tion between her and Thompson with whom she had a roman­tic relationship.
The young woman is report­ed to have had marks on her face.
Police arrived at the school where the Young man was locked in a bathroom.
They imme­di­ate­ly esca­lat­ed the inci­dent and employed lethal force, killing the 17-year-old. They then report­ed that he was shot after he shot one of their own but lat­er retract­ed that sto­ry say­ing that Anthony Thompson did not shoot their officer.
Neither the police depart­ment nor the Knox County District Attorney General’s office look­ing at the evi­dence, has released the body­worn cameras.

Charme Allen

Charme Allen, the DA, argues the video can­not be released until a full inves­ti­ga­tion into the shoot­ing is completed.
“There are rules, abun­dant, as to why I can­not release this footage,” she said at a press con­fer­ence. She cit­ed pri­va­cy rights and due process of law should charges be filed in the case. “If we release this body cam footage, there’s the pos­si­bil­i­ty that we could vio­late a law that where we could not use it in the tri­al if we were to go to trial.”
In the mean­time, the nation is left won­der­ing what to do about this epi­dem­ic of police violence.