Why Do Republicans Hate Black People ?

You got­ta ask what the hell has Black peo­ple done to Republicans that makes them hate us so? No, do not point to Uncle Tom Scott from South Carolina as proof that I’m wrong (“see, see, we don’t hate black peo­ple, we have our own African-American over here”).
They have to hate his gut to have sent him out there to talk about being called,.…. well (uncle Tom).
He had the nerve to stand there and say America is not a racist coun­try. But, at the same time, this c**n is just as afraid of being mur­dered on a dark street by police for dri­ving while black as the next black man.
US Senator does­n’t mean a thing when those thugs in uni­form are on a pow­er trip. They will find out you are a US Senator after they rid­dle your body with bul­lets from behind.
At the time uncle, Tom was deliv­er­ing his address; I won­dered who was pulling his strings as he stood there mak­ing a mock­ery of him­self? Was it Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, or was it uncle snark Kennedy down in the bayou?
Yaaah,… Let’s send the token N****r out to respond to the pop­u­lar pres­i­dent that has basi­cal­ly deliv­ered what he said he would, despite our racist and intran­si­gent obstructionism.


I nev­er intend­ed to write about the likes of Tim Scott. Oh, okay, I was forced to do so a few days ago on the issue of qual­i­fied immu­ni­ty. But Tim Scott’s coon­ery was nev­er the focus of my atten­tion; some can not be saved from them­selves, ask uncle Clarence Tom-Azz.
Despite the wide and var­ied exam­ples of Republican hatred for Blacks, many are still run­ning around behind Republicans like lit­tle lap dogs. From vot­er sup­pres­sion laws to laws sup­port­ing police mur­der­ing inno­cent unarmed peo­ple and now laws that give dri­vers cov­er to run over and kill demon­stra­tors in the streets protest­ing injus­tice against police vio­lence under the pre­text that they are scared.

1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

On May 30, 1921, a young black man named Dick Rowland was rid­ing in the ele­va­tor in the Drexel Building at Third and Main with a white woman named Sarah Page. The details of what fol­lowed vary from per­son to per­son. Accounts of an inci­dent cir­cu­lat­ed among the city’s white com­mu­ni­ty dur­ing the day and became more exag­ger­at­ed with each telling.
Tulsa police arrest­ed Rowland the fol­low­ing day and began an inves­ti­ga­tion. An inflam­ma­to­ry report in the May 31 edi­tion of the Tulsa Tribune spurred a con­fronta­tion between black and white-armed mobs around the cour­t­house where the sher­iff and his men had bar­ri­cad­ed the top floor to pro­tect Rowland. Shots were fired, and the out­num­bered African Americans began retreat­ing to the Greenwood District.
In the ear­ly morn­ing hours of June 1, 1921, Greenwood was loot­ed and burned by white riot­ers. Governor Robertson declared mar­tial law, and National Guard troops arrived in Tulsa. Guardsmen assist­ed fire­fight­ers in putting out fires, took African Americans out of the hands of vig­i­lantes, and impris­oned all black Tulsans not already interned. Over 6,000 peo­ple were held at the Convention Hall and the Fairgrounds, some for as long as eight days. Twenty-four hours after the vio­lence erupt­ed, it ceased. In the wake of the vio­lence, 35 city blocks lay in charred ruins, more than 800 peo­ple were treat­ed for injuries, and con­tem­po­rary reports of deaths began at 36. Historians now believe the white thugs may have mur­dered as many as 300 people.
To under­stand the Tulsa Race Massacre, it is impor­tant to under­stand the com­plex­i­ties of the times. Dick Rowland, Sarah Page, and an unknown gun­man were the sparks that ignit­ed a long-smol­der­ing fire. Jim Crow, jeal­ousy, white suprema­cy, and land-lust all played roles in lead­ing up to the destruc­tion and loss of life on May 31 and June 1, 1921. (History​.com)

Interestingly, Oklahoma Republican Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law last week that offers legal pro­tec­tions for dri­vers who kill or injure pro­test­ers if they are attempt­ing to “flee the scene.” House Bill 1674, which passed last week, thanks to over­whelm­ing Republican sup­port, also makes it a mis­de­meanor offense to obstruct a road­way, argues Yahoo news.
The new law is a direct, in-your-face response to protests last year after Derek Chauvin lynched George Floyd and protests erupt­ed across the nation and the world.
One would have thought that for the Republicans in the state of Okholoma, that mas­sacre would be enough? That they would be sat­is­fied with the 1921 episode where they wiped out an entire com­mu­ni­ty of African-Americans.
Not so; Kevin Stitt and the Republican Legislature just gave white peo­ple who are opposed to Blacks exer­cis­ing their Constitutional rights to protest a license to run over and kill them under the pre­text that they were only try­ing to get away.
It has to be more than the fact that African-Americans vote against them. This hatred is pal­pa­ble. African-Americans must turn that hatred to their ben­e­fit by turn­ing out at every elec­tion, and vot­ing like their lives depend on it because it does.
Vote them out of every office that they hold and con­demn them to minor­i­ty sta­tus into perpetuity.




Mike Beckles is a for­mer Police Detective, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer, black achiev­er hon­oree, and cre­ator of the blog mike​beck​les​.com. 

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