Tip Of The Day..

Simple com­mon sense approach­es can save you a whole lot of headache and pain.
Leaving pock­et-books, Jeweler box­es, or pack­ages which appear to con­tain valu­ables is an open invi­ta­tion for thieves to break into your vehi­cle, even if the con­tain­ers are empty.

Thieves scout­ing out a group of auto­mo­biles will invari­able chose to break into the one which has pack­ages vis­i­ble inside.
It does not mat­ter that the pack­age is empty.
Imagine cred­it cards, dri­ver’s licence, and oth­er per­son­al doc­u­ments which have all your per­son­al infor­ma­tion, includ­ing your home address in the hands of face­less strangers?
Even if they did not find any­thing, you will be left hold­ing the bag for a smashed win­dow or a dam­aged door-lock.

The Flat Bridge Bog Walk St Catherine…

Oh by the way, always lock your doors, no mat­ter how safe you think your neigh­bor­hood is .
Most crimes are crimes of opportunity .
Talk to you next time.