The Qanon Party, Formerly House Republicans

Liz Cheney sur­vived being boot­ed from her num­ber 3 lead­er­ship spot in the Qanon par­ty, for­mer­ly known as the Republicans.
I post­ed on my social media page this evening the fol­low­ing statement.
Quote: “I want you all to think on this, the Republican cau­cus in the house is tak­ing a secret vote on whether Liz Cheney should keep her post. Cheney stood up for Democracy.
Not on whether to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene”.
That was the point, I thought. Not that Liz Cheney even­tu­al­ly sur­vived and will keep her lead­er­ship post in a secret bal­lot, but Cheney was being forced to run the gaunt­let for stand­ing up for truth and her oath to the Republic.
While the Qanon right-wing cau­cus in con­gress gave Marjorie Green a stand­ing ovation.
I shed no tears that Liz Cheney was forced to run the gaunt­let; she is a neo-con whose pol­i­tics should scare any ratio­nal American.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

The impor­tant thing in this lat­est iter­a­tion of Marjorie Green’s shit-show, is that the speak­er of the house, the great Nancy Pelosi, will sched­ule a vote on Thursday, February 4th, that vote will decide whether Marjorie Green gets to sit on the House’s edu­ca­tion and bud­get committees.
The real laugh about this solemn vote is that the trai­tor­ous Qanon right-wing par­ty will have to vote pub­licly, with no secret bal­lot. Pelosi will place them on the record hav­ing to either con­demn her hate and luna­cy with a vote of yes to remove her. Risk being run out of the par­ty by the Trump insur­rec­tion­ist mob, or vote no and for­ev­er be iden­ti­fied as Qanon mem­bers of the house. A beau­ti­ful choice for me if you ask me.

Image result for kevin mCcARTHY

Kissing the ring of the loser.

The Democrats asked Kevin McCarty to attend to the press­ing issue of Marjorie Green. McCarthy held a four-hour meet­ing with his sedi­tious cau­cus- then appeared with his face red from the stress of prepar­ing to lie and his lips drip­ping with the putrid sali­va of mendacity.
Kevin McCarthy came out of the meet­ing, mis­pro­nounced Qanon, and said he does­n’t know what it is. What a stink­ing liar; he absolute­ly knows what it is; his entire cau­cus is Qanon.
Kevin McCarthy was dead set that they will be retak­ing the house in 2022, but I have news for him. I would humbly sug­gest here and now that. Democrats will hold the house with an improved majority.
David Perdue pre­tend­ed he could not pro­nounce Kamala Harri’s name in the run­ning to hold on to his Georgia Senate seat.
He lost.

Kevin McCarthy will not become speak­er in 2022; he is a pathet­ic con­niv­ing lit­tle man with no char­ac­ter., he stands for noth­ing, and will even­tu­al­ly fall and be stepped over by the more caus­tic Jim Jordon.
All McCarthy can hear are the foot­steps of Jim Jordon in the back­ground. Jordon will take over the cau­cus as soon as he slips, and the trans­for­ma­tion will be complete.