No Surprise, 7 Bullets To The Back Is No Big Deal, Jacob Blake Cop To Face Zero Charges

Jacob Blake will nev­er walk again, his body sav­aged by sev­en (7) bul­lets from a white cop’s gun to his back.

The cop who shot Jacob Blake in the back a total of sev­en times, crip­pling him from the waist down, will face zero charges. Rusten Sheskey, the white Kenosha Wisconsin cop, shot 27-year-old Jacob a total of sev­en times as the accost­ed Blake, who walked away from them, opened the door to his car, and leaned into the vehicle.
No gun was found in the vehi­cle, even though the pub­lic was told that Blake had a knife in the vehicle.
In America, the police can mur­der any­one, more so black cit­i­zens, using any num­ber of irra­tional rea­sons, and are guar­an­teed to face no penalty.


Blake suf­fered injuries to his arm, kid­ney, liv­er, and spinal cord, accord­ing to Patrick Salvi Jr., one of his attorneys.
“He had a bul­let go through some or all of his spinal cord, at least one bul­let. He has holes in his stom­ach,” Salvi said last August. “He had to have near­ly his entire colon and small intestines removed.”

Rusten Shekesky the trig­ger ‑man cop who pumped sev­en (7) bul­lets into the back of Jacob Blake

From his hos­pi­tal bed in August of 2020, Blake shared a video mes­sage with his supporters.
“Your life and not only just your life, your legs — some­thing that you need to move around, to move for­ward in life — can be tak­en like this, man,” he said, snap­ping his fingers.

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