Jamaica’s Murder & Violent Crime Rate Heading In The Wrong Direction

Nine 9 peo­ple were mur­dered Tuesday, March 15th, while anoth­er five (5) indi­vid­u­als were shot and injured.
Up to the time of this lat­est vio­lent onslaught, with 75 days gone in 2021, 312 peo­ple have been mur­dered, an aver­age of over 4 per day (4.16).
The three hun­dred & twelve mur­der sta­tis­tic rep­re­sents an 8% increase com­pared to the cor­re­spond­ing peri­od last year.
At the cur­rent rate, Jamaica is head­ing to for fif­teen hun­dred (1500) mur­ders in 2021, up from 1323 in 2020.
Murders per hun­dred thou­sand of the pop­u­la­tion would increase from 48 to 56.
In a state of declared war, the kill rate per one hun­dred thou­sand stands at around 30 per 100’000.
Two hun­dred and sev­en­ty-sev­en (277) indi­vid­u­als have been report­ed shot and injured to police, a 3% increase over the cor­re­spond­ing peri­od last year…