It Will Be Interesting To See Who The Nashville Bomber Turns Out To Be

Indications are that inves­ti­ga­tors going through the Nashville blast-scene may now have a per­son or per­sons of inter­est in mind.
The blast — which injured three peo­ple and caused mas­sive dam­age to the city’s down­town area — emanat­ed from a white RV parked on 2nd Avenue at 6.40 am on Christmas morning.
Some ana­lysts the­o­rize that the RV, which broad­cast­ed a record­ed mes­sage warn­ing peo­ple to get away from the area and gave a count­down before the blast occurred, may have been designed to tar­get law-enforcement.
The idea is that as law-enforce­ment is drawn to the area to inves­ti­gate, the RV would det­o­nate, killing them.
The blast report­ed­ly injured sev­er­al people.

At this point, there has been no con­fir­ma­tion from the FBI or local police as to who was involved, whether tis­sue alleged­ly found at the scene was indeed human tis­sue, or who exact­ly may have been involved at this ear­ly stage of the investigations.
White suprema­cist groups have been known to pose the great­est dan­ger to the United States. They are heav­i­ly armed, and well orga­nized. They have demon­strat­ed their desire and capa­bil­i­ties to take inno­cent lives on a grand scale. From Timothy McVeigh in the Okholohama city bomb­ing, to Mother Emanuel, to Kyle Rittenhouse, their goal is to mur­der the innocent.
Despite the clear and present dan­ger they pose, law enforce­ment author­i­ties’ atten­tion, includ­ing local police depart­ments, seems to be focused elsewhere.