Trump Offered No Policy That Would Change Their Lives, He Offered Rhetoric That Massaged Their Racist Grievances. 

Republicans do not play by the rules of the game.
We have a nation, albeit a mighty coun­try, now in decline, because one polit­i­cal par­ty has tak­en the posi­tion that the prin­ci­ples on which the repub­lic was formed are no longer sus­tain­able in main­tain­ing white suprema­cy as a bedrock. Therefore it can­not and will not adhere to the estab­lished rules that have guid­ed the Republic for almost two and one-half centuries.
My friend made an excel­lent point today. “How can mem­bers of the Republican cau­cus advance the argu­ment that the sec­ond impeach­ment of Donald Trump was uncon­sti­tu­tion­al, when the body itself answered that ques­tion in the affir­ma­tive, it is con­sti­tu­tion­al to try Donald Trump after he is out of office.
In prac­ti­cal terms, Donald Trump was impeached while he was in office. It was then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who refused to call the Senate back into ses­sion to hold the trial.


It is the height of hypocrisy and lies that mem­bers of the Republican cau­cus would then turn around and make the fraud­u­lent argu­ment that Trump was out of office, and there­fore he is out­side the sen­ate’s scope. The vote on the con­sti­tu­tion­al­i­ty of whether the tri­al could pro­ceed is now prece­dent for the ages.
Republicans can­not have their cake and eat it too.
Rules by which the coun­try oper­ates can­not only apply to Democrats while Republicans do as they please. Those kinds of games can­not be allowed to continue.
Mitch Mcconnell and his cau­cus pulled off the same fraud­u­lent stunt when they refused to give advice and con­sent to seat Judge Merrick Garland using rules they dredged up, then turned right around and dis­card­ed them, then fill two supreme court seats as a result of that act of deception.‑race-war-evident-long-before-the-capitol-siege/

As soon as they had a Republican in the white house, those same rules were thrown out, and a Republican hack was seat­ed in one-quar­ter of the eight months, which was the length of time between when Obama nom­i­nat­ed Merrick Garland and the elec­tions of 2016.
It is time for the Democratic Party to start play­ing hardball.
If the Democratic Party refus­es to stand up for the major­i­ty of the American peo­ple against this insur­gency of deceit and decep­tion by a white minor­i­ty, it will find itself fac­ing the prospect of an insur­gent par­ty emerg­ing on its left flank.
A seri­ous look at the Republican Senators who vot­ed to let Donald Trump off the hook a sec­ond time, reveals that because of the two US sen­a­tors per state rule, the major­i­ty of the American peo­ple are being gov­erned and ruled by the white minor­i­ty in fly­over country.


Let there be no mis­take about what’s at stake here; the dark dis­in­for­ma­tion and lies that have cloud­ed America in the five years since Donald Trump ful­ly emerged on the polit­i­cal scene were designed specif­i­cal­ly to wage war on truth to strength­en America’s racist past.
From the moment that Donald Trump and his wife start­ed the birther cam­paign against Candidate Obama in 2008, along with the oth­er bot­tom-feed­ing crus­taceans in the Republican par­ty, to the video pre­sen­ta­tions by his lawyers in his sec­ond impeach­ment tri­al, the visu­al mes­sag­ing and ver­bal tropes were decid­ed­ly anti-black and pro-white supremacy.
One notable thing that became evi­dent long before Donald Trump was elect­ed President was the emer­gence of new peo­ple into the polit­i­cal process.
The main­stream media report­ed this phe­nom­e­non; pun­dits could not decide what it would mean for the 2016 pres­i­den­tial cycle.
As the process dragged on, it became clear­er that those peo­ple were flock­ing to Donald Trump’s cam­paign ral­lies; in many instances, while Hillary Clinton was absent from the cam­paign trail, Trump was every­where he could land his jet with the word Trump embla­zoned across it, there he would have large rau­cous, racist ral­lies, where he would juice them up with incen­di­ary rhetoric then encour­age them to beat up peo­ple that did not look like them, or oppos­es their point of view.


Those peo­ple were white, old­er, large­ly work­ing-class, bear­ing a whole litany of griev­ances. They talked about edu­ca­tion and sci­ence as if they were things to be shunned. They talked about racist account­abil­i­ty as peo­ple speak­ing their minds.
Trump’s out­ward­ly vul­gar racism did not cause them to recoil; it gal­va­nized them into a cult, that even the unin­tel­li­gent Trump knew he could manip­u­late in what­ev­er way he chooses.
Trump then bragged that he could shoot some­one on [fifth avenue] and not lose a sin­gle vote. That arro­gance would cause Donald Trump to com­mit yet untold crimes against the coun­try and untold indi­vid­u­als. It would lead him to the dubi­ous dis­tinc­tion of being the only pres­i­dent to be impeached twice. (nev­er mind in a sin­gle term).
The vot­er base Trump quick­ly put togeth­er with his inflam­ma­to­ry racist, xeno­pho­bic, anti-immi­grant rhetoric was old­er; many admit­ted to reporters that they had not vot­ed in years before Trump’s emergence.
Trump’s mes­sage of mak­ing America great again was not new; it was one that Republican pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates as far back as Richard Nixon had used in their cam­paigns. But com­ing from Donald Trump it took on new mean­ing, Donald Trump did and said every­thing to cause them to believe he was the first white pres­i­dent, the most open­ly racist per­son to ever seek the presidency.
That was no easy task, most of the men who had pre­vi­ous­ly been pres­i­dent, Democrats, and Republicans alike, lit­er­al­ly became President because they were vile racists.
Outside of that, Trump’s rhetoric was wag­ing trade wars on China, ban­ning Muslims, law, and order, and oth­er caus­tic issues were, in fact, the cod­ed lan­guage of white supremacy.


Polling those peo­ple result­ed in results that were far from what was real­ly hap­pen­ing at the time. Clinton led in the polls, but Trump sup­port­ers lied, and their lies skewed polling results. Despite the evi­dence of Trump’s misog­y­ny, they turned their heads away and laughed it off as, quote; “a noth­ing burger.”
Right-wing Christian Conservative preach­ers who pre­vi­ous­ly stood in pompous unright­eous judg­ment over every­thing President Obama stood for, were all of a sud­den servile sup­pli­cants to a phi­lan­der­ing racist pussy-grab­ber who had unpro­tect­ed sex with a pros­ti­tute while his wife was home with the young child she had just giv­en birth to.
Suddenly, the racist apos­tates, Hagee, Graham, Robertson, and the oth­er right-wing heretics, were all in with the New York con-man who was going to save America.
But it was the yard signs which gave it away for me. Driving from New York through the back­roads of route 81 down to South Carolina. All through (Hicksville) Trump yard signs lit­tered lit­er­al­ly every yard.
Yard signs are prob­a­bly the least sci­en­tif­ic of mea­sure­ments to get a feel for the peo­ple’s pulse, but are prob­a­bly the most effec­tive at cap­tur­ing pub­lic sen­ti­ment. People do not have signs they dis­agree with on their prop­er­ty; it sim­ply does­n’t happen.


The final vote in the sec­ond sen­ate tri­al of Donald Trump, 57 – 43, was not enough to con­vict and pre­vent him from hold­ing pub­lic office ever again; it fell 10 short of the two-thirds needed.
The 43 Republican sen­a­tors who vot­ed not to con­vict Trump are part of the lead­er­ship rep­re­sent­ing 38% of America. The 57 who vot­ed to con­vict him rep­re­sents 61% of the coun­try experts tell us. The Majority who want­ed Donald Trump to be held account­able lost to the white minor­i­ty who live in small rur­al states. That white minor­i­ty has a dis­pro­por­tion­ate rep­re­sen­ta­tion in the United States senate.
As a free­lance writer, I have point­ed to this dis­par­i­ty of rep­re­sen­ta­tion in America due to two US sen­a­tors’ sys­tem per state. That dis­parate sys­tem allows the views and demands of 38% of the pop­u­la­tion to take prece­dent over the over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of voters.
Winning pres­i­den­tial elec­tions are a heavy lift for Democrats; the par­ty won the pop­u­lar vote in every Presidential elec­tion since 2000. Speaking of the 2000 elec­tions, Democrats won the pop­u­lar vote but lost the elec­toral col­lege vote to George Bush, (with the help of a Republican supreme court).
Hillary Clinton gar­nered more than five mil­lion more votes than Trump, still, she lost the pres­i­den­cy due to a sys­tem designed to drown out the voic­es of the mass­es to the ben­e­fit of the few.
It required that Biden get more than 7‑million more votes than Donald Trump received in 2016 to gar­ner the same amount of elec­toral col­lege votes Trump did.
Those dis­pro­por­tion­al­i­ties tilt the play­ing field heav­i­ly in favor of Republicans. Despite those legs up, Republicans con­tin­ue to attack the demo­c­ra­t­ic process with wave after wave of vot­er sup­pres­sion tac­tics aimed specif­i­cal­ly at wip­ing out the black vote.
Donald Trump and his syco­phants like to brag that 70-mil­lion peo­ple vot­ed for him, they say no oth­er sit­ting Republican pres­i­dent could get that many votes, as if 80 plus mil­lion peo­ple did not vote to repu­di­ate him.
Nothing turned out Trump vot­ers more than the issue of remov­ing con­fed­er­ate stat­ues from pub­lic spaces, hold­ing racists account­able, end­ing police killings of racial minorities.
Those are the things that gal­va­nized them, not Trump, Donald Trump only offered a bul­ly pul­pit for those ideas.


Every Republican mem­ber of the United States House and Senate knew exact­ly what Donald Trump was try­ing to do from he start­ed label­ing the Press, ‘ene­my of the state’. They knew what he was up to before he was elect­ed when asked if he would con­cede if he lost the 2016 elec­tions, and he replied he would have to see.
They knew what he was up to after he was elect­ed and was run­ning for reelec­tion and was asked the same ques­tion, and he respond­ed that if he did not win, it meant that the elec­tions were rigged.
They knew what he was doing when he start­ed bad mouthing the elec­tions before they began.
When he start­ed attack­ing ear­ly vot­ing, when he attacked mail-in vot­ing. When he attacked the “bal­lots,” When he placed Dejoy over the postal ser­vice and start­ed dis­man­tling the infra­struc­ture to slow down mail deliv­ery, they all knew what he was doing when he built a moun­tain of lies to deflect from his hatred, racism, and crimes.


They were aware of what he was doing when he decap­i­tat­ed the Defense depart­ment. They knew what he was doing when he placed hacks in pow­er posi­tions even after he had lost the 2020 elec­tions. They knew what he was doing when he called elec­tion offi­cials and demand­ed that they find him votes to over­turn the cer­ti­fied results. They were aware of his plans when he cre­at­ed doubt about the vote count in large­ly black cities and coun­ties. They were com­plic­it when he left Mar‑a Lago before Christmas to return to the White House. They knew what was up when he packed the courts from ear­ly in his pres­i­den­cy. They were aware of his plans when William Barr left the DOJ. They knew damn well what his plans were when he par­doned Michael Flynn and oth­er crim­i­nals and had Flynn advis­ing him to declare mar­tial law to steal the elec­tions.
They saw him juice up the lunatic mob with lies and mis­in­for­ma­tion. They saw him direct the mob at the con­gress with the expressed intent of decap­i­tat­ing the Legislative branch and his own vice pres­i­dent.
More than all, they heard Mike Pompeo repeat­ed­ly told jour­nal­ists that Trump would be inau­gu­rat­ed for a sec­ond term, even after the elec­tions were decid­ed. What did Mike Pompeo know, and when did he know it?
Every one of them knew that Trump intend­ed to over­throw the American gov­ern­ment sys­tem to make him­self king. Not a sin­gle one of them lift­ed a fin­ger to stop it.
They did not do any­thing to stop him because it served the ends of white suprema­cy, a cause to which all of the Republicans are inex­tri­ca­bly linked.




Mike Beckles is a for­mer Police Detective, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer, a black achiev­er hon­oree, and pub­lish­er of the blog mike​beck​les​.com. 

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