Man Arrested With Fake Inaugural Credentials, Loaded Gun And 500 Rounds Of Ammo

A Virginia man with fake inau­gur­al cre­den­tials, a loaded hand­gun, and more than 500 rounds of ammu­ni­tion was bust­ed while try­ing to pass through a U.S. Capitol Police check­point in down­town Washington on Friday, accord­ing to authorities.
The arrest was made at about 6:30 p.m., accord­ing to a police report tweet­ed Saturday by a Washington TV sta­tion. CNN first report­ed the arrest

Wesley Allen Beeler pulled his pick­up truck to a police vehi­cle check­point just north of the Capitol, the police report said.

The check­point was set up after a dead­ly siege of the Capitol by pro-Trump sup­port­ers on Jan. 6 put Washington on a near-lock­down ahead of Wednesday’s inau­gu­ra­tion of President-elect Joe Biden.Beeler, of Front Royal, Va., gave offi­cers an unau­tho­rized inau­gu­ra­tion cre­den­tial, the police report not­ed. His wind­shield stick­ers includ­ed one that advised, “If they come for your guns Give ‘em your bul­lets first,” and anoth­er that declared, “Assault Life,” with a pic­ture of a rifle

When police asked Beeler if he was car­ry­ing any weapons, he told them he had a Glock semi­au­to­mat­ic pis­tol in the cen­ter arm­rest — loaded with 17 rounds of ammu­ni­tion and a round cham­ber ready to fire, the news out­let reported.

Police lat­er recov­ered the pis­tol, as well as 509 rounds of ammu­ni­tion, shot­gun shells, and a mag­a­zine for the hand­gun, accord­ing to an inci­dent report from the Metropolitan Police Department.