The Incoming Democratic Administration And Congress, To Enact A Domestic Terrorism Statute.

Where is Missouri’s über ambi­tious US Senator today? Where is Texas’ dumb junior US Senator Raphael Cruz?
Where are the oth­er ten Republican US sen­a­tors, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, Oklahoma’s James Lankford, Montana’s Steve Daines, Louisiana’s John Kennedy, Tennesee’s Marsha Blackburn, Indiana’s Mike Braun, Wyoming’s Cynthia Lummis, Kansas’ Roger Marshall, Tennessee’s’ Bill Hagerty, Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville?

Here they are, the United States Senators who betrayed their oaths and object­ed to Joe Biden’s win To facil­i­tate Donald Trump’s lies. Lies that led to blood­shed in the hal­lowed halls of the Congress. Here are the high rank­ing Government offi­cials who knew with­out a shad­ow of a doubt that the elec­tions were free and fair. Yet, they went along with try­ing to over­turn the results of free and fair elec­tions to install a dic­ta­tor, there­by destroy­ing over four hun­dred and forty years of demo­c­ra­t­ic rule.

How will the United States Government have any cred­i­bil­i­ty in the future, I ask, if these mer­chants of sedi­tion and insur­rec­tion are allowed to remain in the so-called world’s great­est delib­er­a­tive body?
Are we sup­posed to move along and for­get what they did in the spir­it of kum­baya? Are Americans, the major­i­ty of the nation, not the igno­rant sedi­tion­ists, sup­posed to go along with those lead­ers of the sedi­tion­ists cult still embed­ded in the US Government? Should they con­tin­ue to make and pass laws, know­ing that they are ene­mies of democracy?

These are the 147 House Members who vot­ed against American Democracy.

Congressional candidate's apparent ascent to Congress could be a "bellwether" for QAnon - CNNPolitics

Here is Q‑Anon sup­port­er Marjorie Taylor-Green among Militia-members.

Did Marjorie Taylor Greene Pose With a Gun in Front of an Image of 'The Squad'?

Marjorie Taylor-Greene„ Georgia’s Q‑Anon sup­port­er„ pos­es with an AR-15 in front of an image of Democratic cau­cus mem­bers nick­named (the squad). Facebook removed the image from its plat­form. She is now a mem­ber of Congress. These are the peo­ple.. Democratic mem­bers are talk­ing about when they say they are afraid their pres­ence com­pro­mis­es their secu­ri­ty female mem­bers of the Democratic cau­cus expressed fear that while they were hun­kered down with mem­bers of the oth­er par­ty on January 6th, while the insur­rec­tion­ists roamed the halls, they decid­ed to leave those spaces because they were afraid that their Republican col­leagues would give away their loca­tion to the ter­ror­ists try­ing to kill them.

That is a seri­ous indict­ment on the Republican party.
It now means that not only is it impos­si­ble for the nation to trust the Republican par­ty, but the par­ty is also a threat to nation­al security.
I con­tin­ue to say that there is no Federal Domestic Terrorism statute because it would ensnare white men.
It is now time for the incom­ing Democratic Administration, and the ful­ly Democratic Congress, to enact a Domestic Terrorism Statute.
After 911 attacks on the nation, Republican President George W Bush pro­posed leg­is­la­tion now known as the Patriot Act.
Republican Officials did not waste time pass­ing the patri­ot act, and with good rea­son, they got almost all of the Democrats on record, they were told either you sup­port the leg­is­la­tion, or sup­port the terrorists.
Now is the time to draft a Domestic Terrorism bill and sell it to the American people.
Then get the Republican Seditionists in both cham­bers of the Congress to vote against it.




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