Democrat Jamie Raskin Turns From His Son’s Funeral To Managing Trump’s Impeachment

Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin was griev­ing on the morn­ing of Jan. 6, hav­ing just expe­ri­enced the most painful of tragedies: bury­ing his 25 year-old-son, Tommy, a gift­ed stu­dent at Harvard Law School, who had tak­en his own life on New Year’s Eve after a bout of deep depression.

But this was the day Congress was to offi­cial­ly cer­ti­fy Joe Biden’s Electoral College vic­to­ry — and with scores of Republican law­mak­ers vow­ing to object, Raskin, a con­sti­tu­tion­al law pro­fes­sor, had a job to do: He had been slat­ed to help lead the Democratic response in a cri­sis that threat­ened to upend American democracy.

Daddy, don’t go. I want you to stay home,” his daugh­ter, Tabitha, plead­ed, fear­ing pos­si­ble vio­lence. Raskin was insis­tent. “I swore a con­sti­tu­tion­al oath,” he told his daugh­ter. “I’ve got to go.” He invit­ed Tabitha to come with him. “We want­ed to be togeth­er,” Raskin said in an inter­view on the Yahoo News “Skullduggery” pod­cast. “I want­ed to be close to her, and she want­ed to be close to me.”

Raskin’s courage was test­ed that day when a furi­ous mob of Trump sup­port­ers assault­ed the U.S. Capitol, break­ing through bar­ri­ers and smash­ing win­dows. A Capitol police offi­cer was killed, and mem­bers of Congress and staffers, hud­dled togeth­er for hours in win­dow­less rooms, were exposed to COVID-19 by Republican col­leagues who refused entreaties to wear masks; at least five House mem­bers have since test­ed positive.
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