Education The Magic-bullet To End White Supremacy In America…

You ever noticed that the peo­ple ask­ing the ques­tion, is get­ting a col­lege degree worth the price are the peo­ple who have mul­ti­ple col­lege degrees sit­ting in beau­ti­ful tele­vi­sion studios?
Some even try to sell the idea that it is elit­ist to get a col­lege edu­ca­tion. The strat­e­gy is to dis­suade mar­gin­al­ized com­mu­ni­ties from get­ting an under­grad­u­ate degree, much less a grad­u­ate degree.
The cost of a four-year col­lege edu­ca­tion is already through the roof. If you lis­ten to politi­cians talk about this issue, you would think that the gov­ern­ment is pow­er­less about doing some­thing about it, at least at state colleges.
If you make the fees too much for the aver­age fam­i­ly strug­gling to get by, the kid may not be able to get into col­lege unless he can nav­i­gate the web of oth­er ways avail­able to low-income families.

Rep Park Cannon being tak­en away by the Gestapo.

We live in a cap­i­tal­ist sys­tem; I say ignore the cost and get the edu­ca­tion, wor­ry about the cost after you get the degree.
A ris­ing tide rais­es all boats, the elites who run the gov­ern­ment wants things to remain as they are. They Love to talk about; “our way of life.”
The unfor­tu­nate real­i­ty is that their way of life means us on the ground, their knees on our necks; we will not have that anymore.
They know they can­not keep Blacks out of col­leges any­more, but they darn sure can try to dis­cour­age us through high­er col­lege tuition costs and their cam­paign to dis­suade us.…you ever hear them try­ing to tell us that home­own­er­ship is not all it’s propped up to be?

Rep. Park Cannon

Anyway, back to the edu­ca­tion thing, here is where I am going with this; most of us saw the video of Georgia State Police act­ing like the Nazi Gestapo they tru­ly are when they arrest­ed Rep. Park Cannon on March 25 after she knocked on the door to Gov. Brian Kemp’s office while he was speak­ing about the vot­er sup­pres­sion bill the Nazi Republican clowns in that leg­is­la­ture passed.
Rep. Park Cannon, a Democrat from Atlanta, was arrest­ed March 25 after she knocked on the door to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s office while he was on live tele­vi­sion speak­ing about the vot­ing bill he had just signed into law. Police charged her with obstruc­tion of law enforce­ment and dis­rup­tion of the General Assembly. She was released from jail lat­er that evening.

Representative Cannon polite­ly knocked on a door.

What the Gestapo nev­er both­ered to think about as they were arrest­ing Rep. Cannon and think­ing of pil­ing on bogus felony charges as they are wont to do, is that the per­son mak­ing the pros­e­cut­ing deci­sion would be anoth­er edu­cat­ed black woman.
“After review­ing all of the evi­dence, I have decid­ed to close this mat­ter,” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said in an emailed state­ment. “It will not be pre­sent­ed to a grand jury for con­sid­er­a­tion of indict­ment, and it is now closed.”
Before we go any fur­ther, let me show you the edu­cat­ed black queen who got to make that deci­sion; here is District Attorney Fanni Willis.

↓ ↓ ↓

D A Fanni Willis

Education is pow­er; your ene­mies are count­ing on your con­tin­ued fail­ure to take advan­tage of the pow­er with­in you. They hope you will con­tin­ue to think that District Attorney Fanni Willis’s pow­er posi­tions are only for whites.
Rest assured, if a white male occu­pied ms. Willis’ office, Representative Cannon, would be defend­ing her­self from the trumped-up bogus charges the dis­gust­ing lying Gestapo concocted.
Now that you can see the direct ben­e­fits of get­ting an edu­ca­tion, I hope for the love of God that you will con­tin­ue to stay alert and pay atten­tion to what is hap­pen­ing in your life in [your] country.
Yes, it is as much yours as it is theirs, if not more so.
Own it.

These dis­gust­ing trai­tors attacked their own coun­try on behalf of a wannabe dictator.

Much of what they have been doing in the dark is now out in the light; the pris­ons are filled with Blacks, many of whom com­mit­ted crimes that war­rant­ed their incar­cer­a­tion. Many are there inno­cent­ly as we have seen the Gestapo arrest­ed a polit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tive for knock­ing on a door, then attach­ing trumped-up felony charges to her.
Ask your­selves, how many inno­cent peo­ple do they put in jail dai­ly, using bogus charges like the ones attached to Rep. Cannon?
It is for those rea­sons that I, for one, say DEFUND THE POLICE. There are Democrats out there talk­ing about not using the term ‘defund the police’ because it stirs up conservatives.
Who gives a rat’s ass about stir­ring up those despi­ca­ble deplorable[sic] whose oxy­gen is hatred?
Why would I care about the feel­ings of such hate-filled people?
Was that love they showed to the police on January 6th, 2021? I don’t think so. Their faux sup­port for police is based sole­ly on the fact that police con­tin­ue to abuse the peo­ple they hate.
So please spare me the cau­tion and care­ful­ness about their feel­ings, huge chunks of each of the over 18,000 police depart­men­t’s bud­get should be cut away, and those funds used to build up mar­gin­al­ized com­mu­ni­ties, includ­ing col­lege edu­ca­tion for the poor.
Close the for-prof­it pris­ons; when peo­ple are edu­cat­ed and have some­thing to live for, they are far less like­ly to engage in criminality.

Mike Beckles is a for­mer Police Detective, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer, black achiev­er hon­oree, and cre­ator of the blog mike​beck​les​.com. 

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