Chauvin’s Trial Removes The White Sheet That Hides America’s Disgusting Hatred And Genocide Of Blacks…


Derek Chauvin’s pub­lic lynch­ing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was a gut-wrench­ing & bru­tal con­tra­dic­tion for many of us who grew up lis­ten­ing to the upbeat mes­sages of faith, hope, and grace from Televangelist Billy Graham, and the beau­ti­ful singing of George Beverly Shea, out of the Twin-cities.
Separate and apart from the glis­ten­ing lights and tall majes­tic build­ings, the lure of America was shaped by our belief in the good of America shaped by those sermons.
Unfortunately, the mes­sages of faith, hope, and grace and the beau­ti­ful songs of praise papered over a sor­did and ugly exis­tence of hatred that the world is just now get­ting to see through the mar­vel of mod­ern technology.
As I watched in hor­ror in real-time the cal­lous & care­free mur­der of mis­ter Floyd, I was shocked beyond words at the sys­tem that made it pos­si­ble for any per­son, much less a cop, to believe for a sin­gle sec­ond that he has that kind of authority.
But it was not only a shock that I felt; it was hor­ror, sad­ness, but most of all, a sense of anger that made me scared of myself, and for myself…

Photograph by Stan Grossfeld The Boston Globe via Getty

Any sys­tem that would give any per­son the slight­est belief that it is okay to treat anoth­er human being in that man­ner is not a sys­tem; it is a shit­stem that must be over­turned and recre­at­ed from the ground up. It is not cliché to con­clude that the entire sys­tem is on tri­al. Neither will a con­vic­tion of the mon­sters who killed George Floyd mean there’s equal jus­tice in America for peo­ple of col­or; in fact, regard­less of the out­come, it will demon­strate that there is no jus­tice, par­tic­u­lar­ly for Black Americans.
The idea that a so-called jus­tice sys­tem would allow a defense of drug use as a [cau­sa­tion] for Mister Floyd’s death after we clear­ly saw Derek Chauvin mur­der him in cold blood is a trav­es­ty that should be record­ed for posterity.
We can talk about this tri­al as remov­ing the white sheet that hides America’s dis­gust­ing hatred and geno­cide of Black peo­ple, but does this demon­ic wicked­ness res­onate in a world in which wicked­ness is an admirable virtue?

A psy­cho­path­ic despot­ic killer deserves no deference.


There is no pre­sump­tion of inno­cence in actu­al terms here. This case was not inves­ti­gat­ed, and we are work­ing toward deter­min­ing guilt or innocence.
We saw the dis­gust­ing mon­sters snuff out the life of a liv­ing, breath­ing, talk­ing, beg­ging, plead­ing, dis­traught, dying, hand­cuffed human being.
We wit­nessed oth­er con­cerned human beings ask, beg, cajole, demand that they allow him up so that he could breathe.…..
Not one of the degen­er­ates in uni­form did a sin­gle thing to stop the sav­age assault on mis­ter Floyd’s humanity.
They cal­lous­ly con­tin­ued their das­tard­ly act of mur­der until the life was drained from him, and even when there was no more move­ment from him, they kept up the assault, com­plete­ly unper­turbed about his well-being or any ensu­ing consequence.
Yet the very same shit­stem grant­ed them bail. It allows Derek Chauvin to wear a suit to this fraud­u­lent tri­al. Allowing that two-bit mur­der­er to wear a suit human­izes him, there should be no def­er­ence giv­en that socio­path­ic despot; how many cas­es have we wit­nessed with black defen­dants wear­ing prison clothes?
Who wor­ries about the way juries will per­ceive black defen­dants? How do racist white juries per­ceive black defen­dants, are they grant­ed human­i­ty much less deference?
He deserves no such deference.

The white man decid­ed that he dis­cov­ered the land he hap­pened upon, nev­er mind those peo­ple liv­ing there for thou­sands of years before he got up off all fours.
Once he real­ized that he would not fall off the edge of the world, his way of think­ing was that his­to­ry began when he start­ed to real­ize what oth­er races had known for thou­sands of years.
His atti­tude to land was that it was for him to take and secure as his. His atti­tude to the peo­ple he encoun­tered liv­ing on & off the land in the Americas and Africa has been that they are intel­lec­tu­al­ly infe­ri­or to him because they lacked the rapa­cious­ness and demon­ic mur­der­ous traits that he possesses.
And so he chopped off as many heads as he could, mur­dered and muti­lat­ed every­one that did not look like him, and took what­ev­er he wanted.
The doc­trine of dis­cov­ery was born.
Gun pow­der, a Chinese inven­tion, would be used to sub­ju­gate the oth­er peo­ples of the world, the world from then on was sub­ject­ed to a reign of ter­ror since the ear­ly four­teen hun­dreds. That reign of ter­ror for peo­ple of col­or per­sists today.

The sys­tem built on the geno­cide of Native Americans & African-Americans and the hun­dreds of years of the most grotesque form of human enslave­ment in human his­to­ry is the one that enabled the pub­lic slaugh­ter of George Floyd.
Derek Chauvin et al. com­mit­ted the actu­al killing, but it was the sys­tem that autho­rized and val­i­dat­ed it.
The same sys­tem gives hope to Chauvin and the mil­lions of despi­ca­ble mon­sters who sup­port him. It is a sys­tem built on the most socio­path­ic arro­gance, a self-appoint­ed supe­ri­or race the­o­ry that has to come from a deeply dark sense of inferiority.
And why not? Long before he knew that he should prob­a­bly cook his meat or bathe, the rest of the world was already long steeped in phi­los­o­phy, med­i­cine, astron­o­my, sci­ence, edu­ca­tion, and travel.
So, the last race to come into the light appoints itself the mas­ter race, mas­ter over what was cre­at­ed long before he got up off all fours.
But a leop­ard can­not hide its spots.….the detached indif­fer­ence with which Derek Cauvin squeezed the life from the already hand­cuffed George Floyd should come as no sur­prise to the world now.
What the world got a glimpse of on May 25, 2020, was only one small iter­a­tion of the unimag­in­able ter­ror that African-Americans have been exposed to by the American state from the begin­ning of its exis­tence and even before.


Mike Beckles is a for­mer Police Detective, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer, black achiev­er hon­oree, and cre­ator of the blog mike​beck​les​.com.