Trump Reckless Campaign Events Were Super Spreaders Now The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost…

The media fails the American peo­ple; even as tele­vi­sion net­works and cable chan­nels do 24-hour about the COVID-19 virus, it is not appro­pri­ate­ly inform­ing the coun­try that Donald Trump’s reck­less and self­ish Presidential ral­lies were, in fact, super-spread­ing events.

Do you remem­ber Herman Caine, mis­ter flat tax 999?This house N****r was at a Trump ral­ly cheesing. Didn’t go so well.


HUD Secretary Ben Carson has COVID-19

Needless to say, these two chumps have also been infected.

So did she.

  • Hope Hicks, a coun­selor to Donald Trump, test­ed pos­i­tive for the coro­n­avirus. Stephen Miller. Jalen Drummond. Admiral Charles Ray. Jayna McCarran. An unnamed White House Valet. Chad Gilmartin. Kayleigh Mcenany. Utah Senator Mike Lee. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. RNC chair Ronna McDaniel. Caroline Leavitt. Bill Stepien. North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis. Trump coun­selor Kellyanne Conway. Chris Christie. John Jenkins. Nicholas Luna.

This super spread­er was in Salem North Carolina IN September.

At the White House right after he was released from the Hospital.

Experts have said that Trump events have result­ed in more than 700 deaths as far back as October.

One writer called this event a crime scene.

Donald Trump know­ing­ly car­ried out a cam­paign as if there was no pan­dem­ic, he was warned about the dan­gers long before the nation knew how dan­ger­ous the virus would be.
As now President-elect Joe Biden cam­paigned vir­tu­al­ly, Trump mocked him for cam­paign­ing from his base­ment. His band of syco­phants ignored the warn­ings, decid­ed against wear­ing face masks, and went about life as their moron­ic leader said they should.
Each and every per­son who attend­ed those events made them­selves poten­tial vic­tims as well as spread­ers of the virus.
Trump’s incred­i­bly reck­less and self­ish dis­dain for sci­ence will res­onate long after he is removed from office.
More and more peo­ple will die.….even as he has lost but still self­ish­ly works to sub­vert the process, lead­ing to more and more deaths.….And the Republican nation is death­ly silent, death­ly acqui­es­cent as he wrecks the Republic and tens of thou­sands die.





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