Many American Police Departments Have Left Little Doubt Where Their Loyalties Are…

These are rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the Gestapo who are enforc­ing laws in America.

If you ever won­dered why a police offi­cer Rusten Sheskey, would feel at lib­er­ty to put sev­en bul­lets into the back of Jacob Blake in Kenosha County Wisconsin at point-blank range, please watch this video of the County Sheriff [David Beth] less than two years ago, in response to an inci­dent includ­ing 5 African-Americans teens who were charged with steal­ing from the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets and lead­ing deputies on a chase that end­ed with a crash.
It is impor­tant to rec­on­cile as you view the video, that no one was killed, in fact, no one was phys­i­cal­ly hurt from the teen’s escapade, though there should be no excuse for what they did. (As we know white teens do not com­mit crimes).
They just need to dis­ap­pear.” Said[David Beth]. Beth want­ed the teens to sim­ply dis­ap­pear, what­ev­er that means, I guess it is up to offi­cers in Kenosha coun­ty to decide if errant teens dis­ap­pear in each indi­vid­ual case.(I sup­pose if they are black we all know what hap­pens to them).So when they encounter black teens who have com­mit­ted the unfor­giv­able sin of theft and flee­ing they should all dis­ap­pear.
He then tried to clean up his piehole-full of racist gib­ber­ish, by sug­gest­ing that they should be ware­housed for the remain­der of their lives.
David Beth lat­er apol­o­gized for his state­ments, but there is noth­ing more reveal­ing of a per­son­’s char­ac­ter, or lack there­of, and their true feel­ings that their spo­ken words.


What makes this imbe­cile David Beth, even more rep­re­hen­si­ble, if that is at all pos­si­ble, is that after Kyle Rittenhouse the 17-year-old white vig­i­lante, mur­dered two peo­ple and shot anoth­er in the arm almost rip­ping it clear off. The very same piece of garbage Sheriff David Beth, blamed the vic­tims: “If they did not break the cur­few none of this would have hap­pened”.
David Beth also made excus­es for the cops who allowed the 17-year-old white ter­ror­ist to sim­ply walk right past them after he strolled up to their vehi­cles arms raised with the rifle he had just mur­dered two peo­ple with slung across his chest.
The mur­der­ous punk was all chum­my with police. This is a trend across America, heav­i­ly armed white suprema­cists and police are almost indis­tin­guish­able. Not just in the way they are dressed, but in the way they are chum­my togeth­er.

Kyle Rittenhouse walks with anoth­er vig­i­lante in Kenosha before mur­der­ing two peo­ple. (Getty Image)

The domes­tic ter­ror­ists are allowed to attack inno­cent demon­stra­tors, while their col­leagues in blue do noth­ing.
Even when they assault demon­stra­tors their col­leagues in blue arrest and fur­ther bru­tal­ize the vic­tims of their assault.
Kyle Rittenhouse was giv­en bot­tled water by his col­leagues in what looked some­what like an MRAP vehi­cle, a cop on the vehi­cle thanked the would-be mur­der­er pro­fuse­ly for being there, moments before he snuffed out two lives, and per­ma­nent­ly altered sev­er­al oth­ers.

Kyle Rittenhouse walks towards police vehi­cles arms raised after killing two peo­ple, police did not tack­le him to the ground, they did not fire a sin­gle bul­let at the mur­der­er, he sim­ply was allowed to walk past them and leave the state. Not a sin­gle shot was fired.

He was allowed to pass and go home to the state of Illinois from which he had trav­eled to com­mit mur­der, even though peo­ple at the scene repeat­ed­ly told police he had just killed two peo­ple.
Kyle Rittenhouse walked towards police vehi­cles, arms raised after killing two peo­ple. Police did not tack­le him to the ground, they dd not fire a sin­gle bul­let at the mur­der­er, he sim­ply was allowed to walk past them and leave the state. Not a sin­gle shot was fired, even though pro­test­ers on the scene yelled at police, telling them that Rittenhouse had just mur­dered two peo­ple and seri­ous­ly wound­ed anoth­er.

Just in case you ever won­dered where the bla­tant impuni­ty to use force includ­ing dead­ly force on African-Americans comes from, might I remind you it comes from the very top. The moron in chief sup­ports white suprema­cy, the right-wing supreme court sup­port white suprema­cy, low­er court judges and pros­e­cu­tors as well. It is a deeply entrenched cul­ture.
Immediately after the cop pumped sev­en bul­lets into the back of Jacob Blake the Wisconsin attor­ney gen­er­al took to the micro­phones to say that Jacob Blake was near a knife when the shoot­ing took place, but would not say if Blake was car­ry­ing the knife when he was shot.

Josh Kaul Wisconsin AG

He would nev­er have made that state­ment about an inci­dent involv­ing some­one white. But what the (State Attorney)Josh Kaul, did was to remove him­self as the peo­ple’s lawyer and make him­self the spokesper­son for Rusten Sheskey, the cop who put sev­en holes into the back of Jacob Blake.
Without skip­ping a beat, Josh Kaul did two things,(a) he made him­self the spokesper­son for Rusten Sheskey by his words, and (b) he gave the defense a talk­ing point in the event that Rusten Shenskey is to be held account­able for his crimes.


(George Barnhill) “We are livid that he even attempt­ed to taint this case with his ran­cid opin­ion about why this is jus­ti­fi­able,” Lee Merritt the Arbery fam­i­ly Attorney said.

The state­ments com­ing from the mouths of Josh Kaul are in line with the nar­ra­tive com­ing from law enforce­ment, pros­e­cu­tors, and even mem­bers of the judi­cia­ry.
We men­tion these par­tic­u­lar groups out­side of the gen­er­al racism that exists on the polit­i­cal right. These groups have the abil­i­ty to seri­ous­ly impact and even take life.
Prosecutors in Georgia around the area that Ahmaud Arbery was slaugh­tered did all they could to bury the crimes of the father and son team who took it upon them­selves to mur­der him. One Prosecutor George Barnhill wrote to a Police Captain Tom Jump, with poten­tial arrest juris­dic­tion detail­ing why Travis and Greg McMichael should not face crim­i­nal charges“.
Breonna Taylor was mur­dered in her own home by cops who had no right to ever have entered her home. She was shot eight times and still, not a sin­gle cop has been held account­able for her mur­der.
Investigators and pros­e­cu­tors are sim­ply wait­ing for the protest to die down and every­one for­gets to announce that they inves­ti­gat­ed them­selves and found no wrong­do­ing.
Welcome to America, where a police depart­ment is inves­ti­gat­ed by anoth­er police depart­ment in the same coun­ty or state and we are told that the results are fair and impar­tial.

And just in case you are won­der­ing, this is an alleged image of him, cir­cled in white.

It appears Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William Bryan were fol­low­ing in “hot pur­suit of a bur­glary sus­pect with sol­id first-hand prob­a­ble cause,” Barnhill wrote. “Arbery ini­ti­at­ed the fight. … At that point, Arbery grabbed the shot­gun (that Travis McMichael was hold­ing). Under Georgia law, McMichael was allowed to use dead­ly force to pro­tect him­self.”
Another instance of a white pros­e­cu­tor paid by the peo­ple, includ­ing the black com­mu­ni­ty’s tax dol­lars, insert­ing him­self into an inves­ti­ga­tion and assert­ing a defense to the crim­i­nal assailants ben­e­fit against a Black vic­tim.
The whole sys­tem is rot­ten to the core, at all lev­els of the American Criminal Justice sys­tem Racism is a can­cer­ous cyst that dai­ly eats away at the nation’s Black com­mu­ni­ty.
Well after a decade after the FBI warned that white suprema­cists and oth­er neo-nazi groups were infil­trat­ing police depart­ments, (as if they weren’t already near­ly all full-fledged neo-nazi orga­ni­za­tions, we are now bet­ter able to under­stand why noth­ing has been done about it.
Why no one does any­thing about the heav­i­ly armed neo-nazi mili­tias across the coun­try. The police are now ful­ly-fledged a part of these mili­tias, even in blue states.
The entire jus­tice sys­tem is a white suprema­cist defense firm.

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