Tip Of The Day

Crime thrives on acqui­es­cence and fear.
This means if you are deemed to be fear­ful those who smell the fear will keep tak­ing advan­tage of you.
This means you are seen as recep­tive, tol­er­ant, or friend­ly to crim­i­nal conduct.

Across Jamaica and in com­mu­ni­ties in every coun­try, crim­i­nals set up shop in places where res­i­dents show fear and demon­strate tol­er­ance to crime.
This is par­tic­u­lar­ly so when res­i­dents have options to report crim­i­nal activ­i­ty yet choos­es to remain silent.
You do not get a free pass from crim­i­nals sim­ply because you remain silent.
Most crim­i­nals are cow­ard­ly preda­tors who do not care who they exploit and abuse .
Today it’s some­one else tomor­row it will be you.