Actions Have Consequences, Inactions Have Even More Devastating Consequences…

During the 2016 Election cam­paign, all of the polls showed Hillary Clinton beat­ing Donald Trump by a wide mar­gin, or at the very least, beat­ing Trump in all of the states she need­ed to win.
The states she need­ed were the states President Obama had won twice, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, New Mexico Colorado, New Mexico, In addi­tion to the Northeastern and west­ern states.
She was required to defend the so-called blue wall.
Still to this day almost four years lat­er, not a sin­gle polit­i­cal sci­en­tist, pun­dit or poll­ster has explained what the hell hap­pened on elec­tion night 2016.
Was polling out­dat­ed as a barom­e­ter of under­stand­ing vot­er sen­ti­ment? Or did polling sim­ply set­tle in as to what they real­ly are, [snap­shots of moments in time]? Or did some­thing sin­is­ter hap­pen that can only be explained by the intel­li­gence agen­cies?
It has been remark­able to hear media types opine that maybe peo­ple sim­ply lied to poll­sters, or maybe poll­sters over-sam­pled Democratic vot­ers.
If either of those nar­ra­tives is true then the entire dis­ci­pline of polling as a sort of qua­si-sci­ence is now dead.

During the 2016 Election, my wife and her mom, and two of our sons were on the way to South Carolina, we decid­ed that we would dri­ve down. I decid­ed to avoid the DC traf­fic so I took the long way along Route 81 down through the Pennsylvania back­coun­try, a lit­tle way through West Virginia, and I was shocked at what I saw.
Literally, every yard was lit­tered with trump signs.….….. People stick polit­i­cal signs on curb­sides, at stop­lights on entry and egress points to and from Highways, etc, that’s par for the course.
When they place them in their yards or allow some­one else to do so that means they have a devo­tion or at least intend to vote for that can­di­date.
Look, I will always be skep­ti­cal of the fact that Trump won the elec­tion in three states, ‑Pennsylvania, Michigan & Wisconsin by less than 70,000 votes.
If you ask me, it just seems much too sur­gi­cal to me to be accept­ed par­tic­u­lar­ly when Hillary Clinton won the raw total by over three mil­lion votes. It just seems a tad bit too sur­gi­cal, a tad bit too pre­cise right down the mid­dle of that blue wall.
But then again those yard signs, right?


I real­ly had a fun­ny feel­ing from as ear­ly as August of 2016 that Hillary Clinton was going to be toast. For the entire month of August 2016. For the entire month of August 2016, Secretary Clinton did not do a sin­gle large cam­paign event. At the time I wrote that she was throw­ing the elec­tion. Donald Trump hav­ing evis­cer­at­ed all of his pri­ma­ry oppo­nents, was putting the large Trump embla­zoned plane at every air­port hangar he could and was draw­ing humungous crowds.
Even though the elec­tions were for Hillary Clinton to lose, she went ahead like Al Gore did before her in 2000, and gave the elec­tion to the Republicans.
Actions have con­se­quences, inac­tion some­times has even more dev­as­tat­ing con­se­quences. And so elec­tions mat­ters, before this is all done, even though the American vot­ers turned out and gave Democrats the plu­ral­i­ty of their votes in 2000,& 2016 Democrats allowed them­selves to be rail­road­ed and now the Country is in dire straits as it faces the dis­tinct pos­si­bil­i­ty of a sec­ond Trump term in office, hav­ing appoint­ed three Supreme Court Justices and placed over 200 of the Federal Appeals bench.
Potentially even before the elec­tions are through, there will be a 6 – 3 Republican major­i­ty on the high­est court, plac­ing in jeop­ardy all of the pro­gres­sive gains that have been made arguably since the 1960s.

Elections are not always won on who is right on the issues, they are not about who has the bet­ter poli­cies, if that was so Donald Trump would not be sit­ting inside that old house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue watch­ing FOX and rage tweet­ing. That hon­or would have been Hillary Clinton’s.
Much of what elec­tions are about is press­ing the flesh, being there, peo­ple tend to acquaint that with car­ing, instead of bla­tant vote pan­der­ing. Polls car­ried out before the George Bush pres­i­den­cy, revealed that some vot­ers said they would vote for Bush because he seemed like some­one they could have a beer with.
The sad real­i­ty is that their chance of hav­ing a beer with Bush was less than being struck by light­ning twice, but they vot­ed for him based on those per­cep­tions.
Which begs the ques­tion of why would peo­ple who worked hard to make a liv­ing all their lives would find com­mon cause with a life-long draft-dodg­ing con-artiste who lived 50 floors up into the Manhattan skies in a gaudy, gild­ed pent­house?
He pre­tend­ed to share their pain and that’s all they cared about. Not all of those peo­ple are racists, but Trump knew the issues that they cared about, as I explained in the linked arti­cle above, he exploit­ed those con­cerns to the max­i­mum and has solid­i­fied his sup­port with that base of sup­port, to the point he need not wor­ry about their vote, even though he may not have deliv­ered on his promis­es to them.
He con­tin­ued to speak to those wedge issues they care about, the supreme court,(on that he has deliv­ered), Immigration, and a range of oth­er issues. He hates the same peo­ple many of them hate, and now they hate the peo­ple he hates.
It is a cult fol­low­ing that has only hard­ened since 2016, that will not be deterred by any news that may sur­face about Donald Trump. One such Guy said he went to a Trump ral­ly and based on where he was stand­ing he could not hear what Trump was say­ing but he so loved Trump he clapped sim­ply because they were clap­ping. Such is the lev­el of feal­ty and loy­al­ty that they have for him.

The first of what should have been a debate end­ed with Donald Trump telling the [proud boys] white suprema­cists group to “STANDBACK AND STAND BY”. It was not a debate, it was an embar­rass­ing dis­play of bul­ly­ing and out of con­trol behav­ior by Trump, not only could Trump not say he would abide by the elec­tion results, he called on white suprema­cists groups to stand by.
Years ago I wrote that American was flirt­ing with anoth­er civ­il war.…… My God, I nev­er thought that I would live long enough to hear an American pres­i­dent call on a Militia to stand by to fight if he lost the elec­tions.

Mike Beckles is a for­mer police Detective cor­po­ral, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer, he is a black achiev­er hon­oree, and pub­lish­er of the blog mike​beck​les​.com. 
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