The Ironic Twist In The Killing Of Jonathan Price…

The sto­ry of Jonathan Price killing was just anoth­er case of a Black man mur­dered by police, noth­ing to see here right?
In fact, hard­ly an eye­brow has been raised in his killing which occurred in a small Texas town sev­er­al days ago.
We report­ed on the killing, sur­pris­ing­ly his killer has been arrest­ed on mur­der charges by the Texas Rangers.
It is not every day that a cop who sum­mar­i­ly mur­ders a Black man is even dis­ci­plined, let alone arrest­ed and charged with his mur­der.

There is a twist to this killing though, Black vic­tims of police vio­lence are gen­er­al­ly demo­nized by whites, made to be respon­si­ble for their own deaths.
If only he com­plied with police com­mands, if only he did not resist, if only he did not move, if only he showed his hands, if only he did not run, if only he did not stand, if only he did not sit, if only he did not talk back, if only he answered the cop’s ques­tions, if only he was not so big, if only .….……
But from all accounts this man Jonathan Price exem­pli­fied all of those [if only’s] .…..In a Facebook post below Jonathan Price had much to say about race, the police, and even slight­ed Black Lives Matter(BLM).
Many peo­ple point­ed to the irony of Price’s post and the fact that he was shot by the police, even though he cozied up to them and lit­er­al­ly dissed those who spoke out against sys­temic police vio­lence.

🦍🗣With all the ten­sion and ani­mos­i­ty going on with race and the 🚔1time ᴿᴺ. . I’m on the same fence as lil Wayne, with him say­ing a white cop saved his life, and hasn’t been too vocal based off EXPERIENCES 🧠
I was raised by the Malone’s and Woodruff’s in my home­town for a LARGE amount of my youth, was my 2nd fam­i­ly then, and still are in 2020 if I have to say any­thing. The amount of food fed to me 💵 they spent on me, out­weighs any BS about race or col­or right now. I have fam­i­ly that’s nev­er done a DAMN THING for me, or sup­port­ed my busi­ness ven­tures and they’re my BLOOD 👂🏾🤧🤐 They will FOREVER be 1,000,000 in my book🔒📖 & they know who they are! They’re to blame for my coun­try side and addic­tion to white women 🍑🤦🏾‍♂️not com­plain­ing one bit 🤠
There were times i should have been detained for speed­ing, out­stand­ing cita­tions, out dat­ed reg­is­tra­tion, doz­ing off at a red light before mak­ing it to my garage down­town Dallas after a lonnng night out🍾🙈 i’ve passed a sobri­ety test after leav­ing a bar in Wylie, Texas by 2 white cops and still let me dri­ve to where I was head­ed, and by the way they con­sid­er Wylie, Texas to be VERY racist 🤔💭I’ve nev­er got that kind of ENERGY from the po-po🚔🤷🏾‍♂️
Not say­ing black lives don’t mat­ter, ☝🏾but don’t for­get about your own, or your expe­ri­ences through growth /​“wak­ing up”.[sic]
It is exact­ly because of Jonathan’s Price’s stance on police vio­lence, that many peo­ple find his killing iron­ic. Members of his fam­i­ly are under­stand­ably upset at some of the com­ments from some Black peo­ple who are not bit­ing their tongues in call­ing out Price’s com­ments, albeit despite his demise.
The con­ver­sa­tion around Price’s death with all due respect, is larg­er than the anger his fam­i­ly mem­bers feel about social media com­ments. Truth be told he was not hes­i­tant about sav­aging them in a pub­lic forum either/​.…. so there is that.
Price’s death goes to the larg­er issue of how white police see every sit­u­a­tion in black and white and how it dan­ger­ous­ly expos­es lit­er­al­ly every Black per­son to vio­lence and death at the hands of state agents paid and sup­port­ed by their tax dol­lars.
The shock­ing thing is that the polit­i­cal right, led by Donald Trump, has con­tin­ued to gaslight this issue forc­ing Democrats to play defense on a sub­ject that ought to anger and incense all peo­ple regard­less of col­or.
The idea of sup­port­ing good Law enforce­ment and rad­i­cal­ly denounc­ing dirty racist cops who are vest­ed with the pow­er fo life and death, who bru­tal­ize and mur­der based on igno­rant bias­es is not a bina­ry choice.
The prob­lem for Politicians on both the polit­i­cal right and left is that they are all bought and paid for with mon­ey from police unions.
Because they are bought and paid for aggriev­ed par­ties can expect no response from their polit­i­cal lead­ers. If they take the union sup­port they are behold­en, if they refuse it, they are demo­nized as anti-law enforce­ment by the Unions.
It is a type of Mafioso vice grip in which police have held elect­ed offi­cials, most of whom lack the balls to break free from their law­less clutch­es.

According to a just-released report: Jonathan Price asked the cop if he was “doing good,” and apol­o­gized for the bro­ken glass around him, accord­ing to a prob­a­ble cause affi­davit.
Trying to be friend­ly, try­ing to be that non-threat­en­ing Black man, try­ing to be treat­ed as a human being should by sur­ren­der­ing his dig­ni­ty on the altar of accep­tance.
It did not help him!
In the moments before Jonathan Price was gunned down by a small-town police offi­cer out­side a Texas gas sta­tion, he extend­ed his arm for a hand­shake, accord­ing to court records. He asked the cop if he was “doing good.” He apol­o­gized for the bro­ken glass around him. Once Lucas arrived at the scene, Price, 31, approached to ask how the offi­cer was doing, accord­ing to the affi­davit, which relied on body-cam­era footage, phys­i­cal evi­dence, and eye­wit­ness tes­ti­mo­ny of the inci­dent.
“Price came very close to Officer Lucas ask­ing ‘you doing good’ mul­ti­ple times while extend­ing his hand in a hand­shake ges­ture,” the prob­a­ble cause affi­davit said. “Price apol­o­gized for bro­ken glass on the ground and stat­ed some­one had ‘tried to wrap me up.’”
Moments lat­er Jonathan Price was tased and shot four times, it was the end of a man who went out of his way to praise the police.

Robert Rogers the attor­ney who rep­re­sent­ed Amber Guyger the cop who mur­dered Botham Shem Jean has been retained by Lucas.
Robert Lucas was quick to do what they always do.
“After Mr. Price refused repeat­ed instruc­tions and phys­i­cal­ly resist­ed, Officer Lucas deployed his Taser and con­tin­ued to give Mr. Price instruc­tions. Mr. Price resist­ed the effects of the Taser and attempt­ed to take it away from Officer Lucas,” “Officer Lucas only dis­charged his weapon in accor­dance with Texas law when he was con­front­ed with an aggres­sive assailant who was attempt­ing to take his Taser.”

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