Tear Gas Fired On Protesters After Fatal Police Shooting In Pennsylvania

Police say Ricardo Munoz threat­ened an offi­cer with a knife after a call about a domes­tic dis­pute in Lancaster.
Police deployed tear gas on a crowd of peo­ple protest­ing ear­ly Monday after an offi­cer shot and killed a man in Pennsylvania while respond­ing to a domes­tic dis­tur­bance call.
Hundreds of pro­test­ers took to the streets of Lancaster fol­low­ing the shoot­ing death of Ricardo Munoz, 27, on Sunday after­noon. The crowd formed out­side the police sta­tion. Police said mul­ti­ple build­ings and gov­ern­ment vehi­cles were dam­aged by demon­stra­tors.
Munoz was fatal­ly shot after com­ing out of a home and chas­ing an offi­cer with a knife, police said. Body cam­era video showed the offi­cer fire sev­er­al shots at Munoz, who then falls to the ground.

The offi­cer was placed on admin­is­tra­tive leave, accord­ing to local news out­lets.
The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office was lead­ing the inves­ti­ga­tion. District Attorney Heather Adams acknowl­edged the protests in a news release late Sunday and called for calm.
“We ask that acts of protest remain peace­ful as vio­lence and destruc­tion of prop­er­ty will become head­lines and serve no pur­pose for the safe­ty and well­be­ing of our cit­i­zens and neigh­bor­hoods,” Adams stat­ed.
As for the use of “chem­i­cal muni­tions” against pro­test­ers ear­ly Monday, the police depart­ment said in a state­ment that the crowd was giv­en sev­er­al warn­ings to dis­perse before the gas was deployed.

The crowd “failed to fol­low the instruc­tions,” police stat­ed, adding that items includ­ing glass bot­tles, gal­lon jugs filled with liq­uid, parts of plas­tic road bar­ri­cades, and more had been thrown at offi­cers.

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