So Heavenly Minded They Are No Earthly Good…

Some folk are too Christian, too Religious to acknowl­edge, much less deal with the events occur­ring in our world.
“It is not my prob­lem; I am a Christian, that fight is for the peo­ple who live in the world, me I will just wait to enjoy my pie in the sky.”
That pie-in-the-sky — the­ol­o­gy came direct­ly from the slave [bible] cre­at­ed to keep our ances­tors enslaved.
Before Yeshua descend­ing into the world, all of the great the­olo­gians, the most reli­gious peo­ple, were, in fact, the most edu­cat­ed, and yes Yeshua sat among them and lis­tened to them, even as he debat­ed them when they were wrong.
Now imag­ine the intel­li­gent word of God being left up to peo­ple who are the least edu­cat­ed to dis­sem­i­nate, or peo­ple with ulte­ri­or motives?

Motives of self-aggran­dize­ment, and self-promotion?
I do not claim to be the most for­mal­ly edu­cat­ed; what I thank the lord for, is his immea­sur­able grace in allow­ing me the abil­i­ty to study and under­stand so that I do not fall into the clutch­es of the enemy.
Sufficing to say, regard­less of who you are, ‘the­ist, agnos­tic, or athe­ist,’ the world you live in and leave to your chil­dren is total­ly up to you.
All of the great lead­ers that have gone on before us, from the great Jamaican Marcus Garvey to Martin King Snr, to Martin Luther King Jnr, et al., were all great edu­cat­ed men of God who gave their all in the fight to ensure a more just world.
They fought and died so that we may have a bet­ter world than they did.
You fool your­selves if you for one moment believe that this is some­one else’s fight.
I know most of you Christians would rather bury your head because the truth does not com­port with the lies you have been fed and have become accus­tomed to.
Nevertheless, I felt com­pelled to say this today.