Portia’s Talkative Politburo/



It’s logical to conclude that if the People’s National party attached the same diligence, sense of focus and accountability to Governance it applies to agitating and criticizing the Government the party would be the party which formed the Government.

Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has also found her tongue which should not come as a shock­er to any­one who know the long-time mem­ber of par­lia­ment and for­mer Prime Minister.
Mr’s Miller was nev­er one to shy away from lash­ing her detrac­tors with her tongue. In fact in one unhinged tirade on a cam­paign stage in Half-Way-Tree Saint Andrew she once warned oppo­nents not to draw her tongue quote: ” cause this gurl nu trou­ble unuh”.
But in Mrs Miller’s defense she always cau­tioned those who would crit­i­cize her not to draw her tongue before she unleash­es her ver­bal tirade on them.
Furthermore while she was Prime Minister she did say she would­n’t “talk har­self outa affice”.

Mr’s Miller was speak­ing to the nov­el idea the man who beat her had . Bruce Golding decid­ed that he want­ed to be a leader who actu­al­ly speak to the peo­ple through his week­ly Jamaica House radio call in show. Yea what the hell was he think­ing? look how he turned out.
Ha, so the good­ly Mrs Miller decid­ed nev­er to talk her­self out of office.
But for those pesky Reporters and cit­i­zens she would still be Prime Minister.

The 31-mem­ber coun­cil of spokesper­sons and a nine-deputy com­ple­ment, have been pret­ty busy offer­ing opin­ions and crit­i­ciz­ing every­thing the 3‑month-old Holness Government does.
The coun­try does need a focused and vig­i­lant oppo­si­tion but it kin­da seem hyp­o­crit­i­cal of the coun­cil of spokesper­sons that all of a sud­den every­one is inter­est­ed in advo­cat­ing for the peo­ple and hav­ing bet­ter ideas about just how things ought to be done.
I mean if the ideas the Council have were so good why is the par­ty on the out­side look­ing in ?
It’s rea­son­able to say that the ideas of the PNP has not worked so well for the coun­try over the last 32 years of PNP rule .
Maybe the par­ty should step aside and go fig­ure out a new path for­ward for itself and the coun­try. I recent­ly heard one autop­sy report which sug­gest­ed that the par­ty moved away from it’s social­ist values.
Practically speak­ing I believe the par­ty has not moved far enough from it’s social­ist roots.

The brand of social­ism being espoused by the grass­roots of the par­ty has already evis­cer­at­ed the mid­dle class and destroyed hope for those at the bot­tom of the ladder.
The redis­tri­b­u­tion­ist ide­ol­o­gy which dec­i­mat­ed the econ­o­my and the pro­duc­tive sec­tor since the 1970’s still is being felt today amidst the hoopla about where the Island’s econ­o­my is posited.
If the Post Mortem is that the par­ty strayed from it’s core prin­ci­ples and that was the rea­son for it’s defeat, the island must brace itself for more of the same from the par­ty which seem inca­pable of under­stand­ing that failed social­ists poli­cies of the 70’s are not going to be sav­ing grace for the 21st century.