PM Announces Earlier Curfew Amid COVID-19 Spike

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that Jamaica’s nation­al cur­few would start at 8 p.m., effec­tive Wednesday, February 10.
The mea­sure will remain in effect for a peri­od of at least two weeks.
The announce­ment came short­ly after Jamaica record­ed six con­sec­u­tive days of record-high COVID-19 cases.
Mr. Holness said the sit­u­a­tion is seri­ous, a cause for con­cern, and requires a gov­ern­ment response. Mr. Holness also not­ed the effect the cur­few will have on the econ­o­my, saying:
“If the num­bers set­tle, then we will go back to either 9 or 10 [p.m]. It is not the objec­tive of the gov­ern­ment to kill commerce.
“We do this very reluc­tant­ly but hav­ing great regard to the fact that if we don’t act, now, we could over­whelm our health sys­tem, which leads to either greater problems.”
The gath­er­ing lim­it has also been reduced from 15 per­sons to 10.
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