Mike Pence’s Unrepentant Mendacity.…

One of the things I am always mind­ful of as a Christian, even when I am at the height of an anger spell, (yes I do get angry, I am not a saint), is to try to always keep one foot on the ground. Always seek­ing to be hum­ble. It is dif­fi­cult to main­tain humil­i­ty when you have that fiery tem­per, that low tol­er­ance for BS.
I am am not about to judge any­one else, I am sim­ply self-cri­tiquing and admit­ting to my imper­fec­tions.
It is with that mind­set that I always try not to judge the motives of oth­ers, or to begin to decide whose actions are not Christ-like, while I am every day, trapped in a vicious strug­gle myself, to stay out of Hades.

I have watched Mike Pence’s career over the years, I under­stand just how dif­fi­cult it must be for a per­son of means and pow­er to remain true to their faith. I believe there is prece­dent for that in Matthew 19:21 when a rich young ruler asked Yeshua, “what should I do to be saved”/ Yeshua told him, “If you want to be per­fect, go and sell all your pos­ses­sions and give the mon­ey to the poor, and you will have trea­sure in heav­en. Then come, fol­low me.”
The young man went away sad, because accord­ing to the scrip­tures, he had great wealth, so nat­u­ral­ly, Yeshua’s answer would not res­onate well with him.
Mike Pence, the for­mer Indiana Congressman, and Governor turned Vice President comes straight from the fun­da­men­tal­ist cloth.
Don’t be fooled by the seem­ing pious, holi­er than though exte­ri­or, behind that thin façade of decep­tion, lies a cal­cu­la­tive method­i­cal plot­ter who waits for Donald Trump to be removed from office so that he will have default­ed into the most pow­er­ful office in the world.

On that basis, we already see that the pious soft-spo­ken Mike Pence would sell his soul for pow­er, from as far back as 2016. Donald Trump chose Mike Pence to be his run­ning mate in order to snag the white Christian fun­da­men­tal­ist vote. (Not to be con­fused with the Christian vote).
We all knew who Donald Trump was, cer­tain­ly, New Yorkers did, oth­ers could have found out if they cared to know any­thing about the can­di­date to whom they would be entrust­ing the nuclear codes.
In fair­ness to Mike Pence, he should not be demo­nized for accept­ing the num­ber two spot on Trump’s tick­et. What Mike Pence must cer­tain­ly be held account­able for, is sit­ting in a debate with Senator Kamala Harris and lying to the nation about Donald Trump’s record on issue after issue.
The fact that Mike Pence is far less dra­mat­ic than his blus­ter­ing idiot of a boss, does not mean that he is any less duplic­i­tous, decep­tive, or is any less men­da­cious.

My late Grandfather always told me “you can hide from a thief, but you can nev­er hide from a liar”, Mike Pence exem­pli­fies every bit of what Donald Trump rep­re­sents, It is the very same stinky s**t that attract­ed the fly to his head dur­ing the debate with Kamala Harris. You can always trust God’s crea­tures to keep it real.
Evil comes in many forms, Pence who pre­tends to be so moral that he refus­es to be in a room with a woman who is not his wife, had no prob­lem sit­ting there, and lying through his teeth, know­ing full well that every claim he made was laced with lies.
Tragically, fakes and frauds are all around, and as is evi­denced in Pence, they are in posi­tions of pow­er. It is impor­tant to rec­on­cile that not all that says “Lord, Lord” shall enter.

Mike Beckles is a for­mer police Detective cor­po­ral, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer, he is a black achiev­er hon­oree, and pub­lish­er of the blog mike​beck​les​.com. 
He’s also a con­trib­u­tor to sev­er­al web­sites.
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