Medical Cannabis: Things You Should Know

Cannabis which is also pop­u­lar­ly known as mar­i­jua­na has always been a very con­tro­ver­sial top­ic of debate. Although the world is slow­ly accept­ing the ben­e­fits of cannabis, it remains ille­gal in many countries.

Speaking of cannabis, there are two types. One is med­ical cannabis and the sec­ond is meant for recre­ation­al use. But in this post, we are going to dis­cuss only med­ical cannabis. If you wish to know more details about cannabis, then you can log into smok​ingth​ings​.com.

What is med­ical cannabis?

Medical cannabis is also derived from the mar­i­jua­na plant. The chem­i­cals present in med­ical mar­i­jua­na are often­times used to treat var­i­ous dis­eases and conditions.
Medical cannabis is the same as recre­ation­al cannabis. The only dif­fer­ence is that med­ical cannabis con­tains few­er lev­els of THC, the sub­stance that gets you high. There have been sev­er­al stud­ies on med­ical cannabis. Some have found pos­i­tive results in using med­ical cannabis.

What are the health ben­e­fits of med­ical cannabis?

Medical cannabis has been used to:

Relieve pain

One of the major and most com­mon health ben­e­fits of using cannabis is that it helps relieves pain. People suf­fer­ing from arthri­tis or chron­ic pain can find med­ical cannabis to be help­ful. In some cas­es, med­ical cannabis has been found to help replace the use of anti-inflam­ma­to­ry drugs such as ibupro­fen, which can have many unwant­ed side effects.

Help treat neu­ro­log­i­cal disorders

Cannabis is also found to help treat neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­or­ders like anx­i­ety, epilep­sy, Parkinson’s dis­ease, and post-trau­mat­ic stress dis­or­der. It is known to affect the lim­bic sys­tem and this is why many doc­tors pre­scribe med­ical mar­i­jua­na for the treat­ment of neu­ro­log­i­cal problems.

Treat can­cer

Researchers at India’s Amity University have com­piled lit­er­a­ture on the effects of cannabi­noids on dif­fer­ent can­cer types.

Cannabis is often­times used to treat the symp­toms of chemother­a­py side effects, shows poten­tial in lim­it­ing the growth of can­cer cells and even kill can­cer cells in cer­tain cases.

According to the researchers:

THC and CBD exhib­it effec­tive anal­gesic, anx­i­olyt­ic, and appetite-stim­u­lat­ing effect on patients suf­fer­ing from cancer.”

Help Alleviate anx­i­ety and depression

People suf­fer­ing from depres­sion and anx­i­ety can also ben­e­fit them­selves from the use of cannabis. However, to get effec­tive results, it needs to be con­sumed in a con­trolled and prop­er way. Visit https://​amuse​.com/​c​a​l​i​f​o​r​n​i​a​/​l​o​s​-​a​n​g​e​l​e​s​/​c​o​n​c​e​n​t​r​a​tes and get more details.

Help lose weight

There is some evi­dence tying the use of cannabis to low­er body weight. Experts have sev­er­al the­o­ries regard­ing why cannabis has been linked to low­er risks of obe­si­ty. Among them are: Lower stress – peo­ple are more like­ly to binge eat when feel­ing stressed. Better sleep – poor sleep has been linked to weight gain. Increased metab­o­lism – cannabis inter­acts with cannabi­noid recep­tor 1 , which plays a role in metab­o­lism and food intake.

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