Kelly Loeffler And The GOP Should Denounce Georgia’s Radical, Anti-Christian Socialist Senate Candidate

By Michael Harriot
Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s (R‑Ga.) inces­sant attacks on her Senate oppo­nent, Rev. Raphael Warnock, can all be con­densed to Republican red-meat talk­ing points: Radical ide­ol­o­gy is dan­ger­ous. People who twist the word of God to fur­ther an extrem­ist agen­da should be con­demned. Government hand­outs are ter­ri­ble because America is not a social­ist coun­try; it is a democ­ra­cy. Conservative prin­ci­ples, fam­i­ly val­ues and hard work are what made this coun­try great. Faith is good. Crime, bad. Freedom. Troops. Jesus.

I can’t believe I’m say­ing this, but I agree with Kelly Loeffler.

She’s absolute­ly right. A true Christian would nev­er vote for a reli­gious fanat­ic who preached an anti-American agen­da. A real American would always hon­or the brave men and women who fight for our free­doms. The American dream should only come through hard work, so we should do away with this “vic­tim men­tal­i­ty.” Instead of cel­e­brat­ing thugs, celebri­ties and peo­ple who use iden­ti­ty pol­i­tics, we should be fos­ter­ing a cul­ture that hon­ors cit­i­zens who achieved suc­cess by merit.

This is what the America-lov­ing patri­ots in the GOP stand for. If the peo­ple in Georgia were actu­al­ly con­ser­v­a­tive Christians, they would love any­one who embod­ied these val­ues and hate any­one who didn’t.

A true patri­ot would love Raphael Warnock.

A real Republican would hate Kelly Loeffler.

Warnock ver­sus the Welfare Queen

One of Georgia’s sen­ate can­di­dates was raised in the Christian tra­di­tion by a vet­er­an who start­ed his own busi­ness after serv­ing our coun­try. This American patri­ot found a way to escape pover­ty through edu­ca­tion and faith in Jesus Christ. One can­di­date has an unim­peach­able record of com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice. One can­di­date has fought for reli­gious free­dom and lived a faith-filled, scan­dal-free life.

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