Man Assaults Jamaican Cop In Uniform…(video)

Just today, I wrote about the lev­el of law­less­ness in our country.
Primarily because the Government has placed the lives of crim­i­nals over those of our law ‑enforce­ment officers.
Only in a soci­ety where the coun­try’s lead­er­ship encour­ages this kind of behav­ior by using var­i­ous arms of the said gov­ern­ment to mil­i­tate against law-enforcement.


Criminals may pay INDECOM, The Justice Ministry, The Public Defenders office, and oth­er arms of the Government; for all intents and pur­pos­es, their jobs are to antag­o­nize the police.
This offi­cer was long with­in his rights to nat­u­ral­ize this direct threat to his life, why did he not.
That assailant could at any­time have removed his weapon and use it to take his life, or use the baton to cut off his air cir­cu­la­tion and killed him.

Why did he not use his weapon against his monster?
Because he was afraid of being made out to be the bad guy, by the gov­ern­ment by the press, and by the crim­i­nal-lov­ing public.