Despite Losing In 2016, In By Elections & Receiving An Ass Whooping In 2020 PNP Still Clueless

Here is a brief obser­va­tion of the PNP.
Socialism, as a polit­i­cal con­struct, has been a fail­ure across the Globe, save and except for the Scandinavian region of Europe that prac­tice a kind of pseu­do-social­ism in their almost homoge­nous­ly white societies.
The social­ism that they prac­tice, guar­an­tees every­one a rather com­fort­able stan­dard of liv­ing if they pay a much high­er rate of taxation.
of note is the fact that those soci­eties were pre­vi­ous­ly inde­pen­dent­ly wealthy nations, some of which had con­quered parts of Africa and plun­dered its resources.
Note: the social­ism they prac­tice is not the ide­o­log­i­cal, beret-wear­ing fist thrust­ing rev­o­lu­tion­ary style social­ism that the PNP con­tin­ues to offer to the Jamaican people.

The drub­bing the PNP suf­fered at the polls over the last two elec­tion cycles, along with the loss­es they sus­tained in the by-elec­tions, would be a wake-up call to a seri­ous polit­i­cal par­ty that under­stands polling data and trends.
Unfortunately, the par­ty fails to see that the younger gen­er­a­tion is more inter­est­ed in a mar­ket econ­o­my that allows them to shine on their own.
Young peo­ple see how oth­er mil­len­ni­als and gen­er­a­tion Xers are liv­ing in oth­er coun­tries and they want that lifestyle.….…
They do not want a polit­i­cal par­ty that is offer­ing them free­bies that they know it can­not deliv­er anyway.

Jamaicans do not want Socialism/​Communism, China, Russia, and most of the Eastern European nations that had sub­scribed to that polit­i­cal ide­ol­o­gy have moved their economies away from that failed con­struct since the fall of the Soviet Union.
It is shock­ing that in 2020 almost three decades since Michael Manley took Jamaica down the rab­bit hole of Democratic Socialism, that these washed up idiots are still expect­ing Jamaicans to vote for them and their failed ide­ol­o­gy that peo­ple all around the world have long eschew, except for China, Cuba, North Korea, and Belarus to a cer­tain extent.

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