Cop Who Put 7 Bullets Into Jacob Blake’s Back,.… Back On The Job…

In America, a white cop who fires seven (7) bullets into the back of a Black man, paralyzing him from the waist down, has nothing to worry about. He is back on the job.
Department policy!

Cops shoot Jacob Blake sev­en (7) times in the back

It is depart­ment policy!
How many times have you heard that state­ment after a cop shoots, injury, or kills some­one, usu­al­ly a per­son of color?
But how on earth can police (depart­men­t’s pol­i­cy), what­ev­er they are, super­sede state law?

Jacob Blake in a hos­pi­tal bed.

This is a ques­tion that needs answers; the pub­lic deserves answers; the real­i­ty is that no one both­ers to ask these ques­tions because only cer­tain peo­ple are los­ing their lives at the hands of the police.
How does a Police Department get to set pol­i­cy that defies com­mon sense, decen­cy, is moral­ly and legal­ly wrong.…. well, every­where else, just not in the United States?
In America, whether there are protests on the streets or not, regard­less of the lack of atten­tion to it, police kill three (3) liv­ing breath­ing human beings every day.
But the killings by white police, do not tell the whole sto­ry, in the rare instance that the vic­tim mirac­u­lous­ly sur­vives despite the bar­rage of bul­lets fired into their bod­ies, noth­ing hap­pens to the state-spon­sored killers.

Rusten Sheskey, the cop who fired sev­en (7) bul­lets into Jacob Blake’s back, back on the job.

That is exact­ly what hap­pened in Wisconsin.….….Rusten Sheskey, the cop who put sev­en (7) bul­lets into Jacob Blake’s back in August of last year, is now back on the job.
Kenosha police respond­ed to a “report­ed domes­tic inci­dent” on Aug. 23 when Sheskey, who is white, fired sev­en rounds at the 29-year-old Blake, Black, as he opened and leaned inside the driver’s side door of a parked SUV.
All of this as Derek Chauvin is being tried for mur­der, and anoth­er white cop mur­dered Daunte Wright.