Comm. Gary Griffiths Shows How To Handle Know Nothing Critics And Politicians…


Every sin­gle senior offi­cer of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), and the (JDF) Jamaica Defense Force, who have ever been appoint­ed Commissioner of Police, have, with­out a doubt, been ful­ly con­ver­sant that the Islands Politicians are respon­si­ble for the crime sit­u­a­tion in our country.

This is not hyper­bol­ic lan­guage designed to inflame pas­sions against the Islands politi­cians. There has been ample evi­dence through­out the decades that politi­cians shield­ed crim­i­nals from law­ful arrest and pros­e­cu­tion. That Politicians cre­at­ed the envi­ron­ment for crim­i­nal con­duct à la the cre­ation of gar­risons. That Politicians ush­ered want­ed crim­i­nals, (includ­ing cop-killers out of the coun­try to freedom.That Politicians secured visas for crim­i­nals mak­ing it impos­si­ble for the police to find and arrest dan­ger­ous crim­i­nals. That Politicians dis­trib­uted guns and ammu­ni­tion to oth­er crim­i­nals. That the same politi­cians who are the law­mak­ers are the law­break­ers. That Politicians actu­al­ly pay to have oppo­nents mur­dered. That politi­cians award con­tracts to crim­i­nals. That politi­cians denounce the police for doing their jobs.
I could go on and on, every con­sta­ble who ever served knows this, so no senior cop can pos­si­bly claim ignorance.

Despite this, no offi­cer before or after appoint­ment to the top spot have ever had the guts, char­ac­ter, or love of coun­try, to stand up and tell the nation what the filthy cor­rupt politi­cians have been, and are doing.
Some peo­ple say ‚“well Adams did”.
Adams was nev­er Commissioner of police. Secondly, speak­ing out effec­tive­ly black­list­ed Renetto Adams in the eyes of the crim­i­nals in Gordon House. And to you vil­lage lawyers and apol­o­gists, please do not tell me that they do not decide who becomes com­mison­er of police. The ser­vice Commission is a mere rub­ber stamp to whomev­er is sit­ting in Jamaica house.

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Commissioner Gary Griffiths 

The twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with a pop­u­la­tion of 1.369 mil­lion, well over a mil­lion few­er peo­ple than Jamaica, is not too dis­sim­i­lar to Jamaica as it relates to crime. Religious and eth­nic strife has seen even bomb­ings against the pop­u­la­tion. Murders have increased across the Republic in recent times from under a hun­dred in the 80s to well over 500 annu­al­ly today .
Like the JCF, the Trinidad and Tobago police ser­vice has been forced to deal with an esca­lat­ing crime epi­dem­ic, with across the board atti­tudes in the pop­u­la­tion which are high­ly tol­er­ant of those who com­mit crim­i­nal acts.
As it is in Jamaica, so too are the atti­tudes among the lumpen pro­le­tari­at when the police attempt to do their jobs.
With twice the pop­u­la­tion of Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica in 2017 record­ed 1616 mur­ders.
Trinidad and Tobago in 2017 record­ed 500 mur­ders. It has a mur­der rate of 30 to a 100,000 cit­i­zens, as com­pared to Jamaica’s 47 to a 100,000 cit­i­zens each year.

Those are the real­i­ties which seri­ous in-the-know law enforce­ment offi­cers like Trinidad’s Gary Griffiths have to con­tend with, unlike the lap­dogs in our coun­try who are con­tent to walk behind every lit­tle politi­cian with their tails tucked tight­ly between their legs like lit­tle mon­grel dogs.
In Jamaica the police are mere exten­sions of the dirty lttle politi­cians who are them­selves exten­sions of the stu­pid bur­joise.
So they can ill afford to open their mouths even when they know that the cor­rupt politi­cians and the media elites only love to hear them­selves talk. They say noth­ing because they are like lit­tle nuetered dogs.
Respect Commissioner Gary Griffiths!

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