A Pivotal Moment In The Deconstruction Of White Supremacy

They will nev­er admit to prop­a­gat­ing hate, but they nev­er see a prob­lem with white peo­ple doing hor­ri­ble things to black peo­ple.
In fact, not only do they not see a prob­lem with it, they vig­or­ous­ly defend the aggres­sors.
Whether it is police killing black peo­ple, or the likes of the white [karens] who take it upon them­selves to call police on black peo­ple, hop­ing to get them killed for mere­ly exist­ing in their own skin, or whether it is the killers of Ahmaud Arbery, they always have an excuse. Their excus­es are all too famil­iar by now, demo­nize the vic­tim and deflect from the crimes com­mit­ted against them.

(Rogue’s gallery of buf­foons, begin­ning with this one, Rush Limbaugh)

It tran­scends gen­der but the morons with the largest plat­forms are pret­ty much white males. Michelle Malkin and alleged anti-Semite and white suprema­cist Gavin McInnes, founder of the some­times vio­lent Proud Boys group of aspir­ing thugs, Hannity, Levin, Beck, Limbaugh, Carlson, Guiliani, Ingram, and oth­ers, and of course a whole slew of oth­er bot­tom-feed­ing crustaceans.

mem­bers of the Karen fraternity

They also quote black peo­ple, and even throw in a word of praise for the blacks who have sold their soles for a pat on the back.
You know the type, the Allan West for­mer Florida Congressman who hat­ed Obama, Larry Elder, that idi­ot­ic for­mer Sheriff from Wisconsin David Clarke, who dec­o­rat­ed him­self with ridicu­lous medals the kind tin-pan dic­ta­tors award themselves.

(Village idiot, and self-hat­ing sell­out, David Clarke.)

Oh, they absolute­ly love self-hat­ing sell­outs like this clown for exam­ple who resigned under a moun­tain of law­suits and a 36% approval rat­ing. At the time he resigned the coun­try was told that he would be join­ing the Trump admin­is­tra­tion, which cer­tain­ly has­n’t mate­ri­al­ized.
Why would the right not love this clown? He per­son­i­fies their beliefs that they are supe­ri­or to black peo­ple.….… At least this ridicu­lous clown con­firms that the very least they are supe­ri­or to him.
Clarke has com­pared the Black Lives Matter protest move­ment, which aims to counter anti-black racism, to the Ku Klux Klan, sug­gest­ing it would team with the Islamic State to over­throw the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment. He labeled anti-Trump demon­stra­tors as “anar­chists,” and said African Americans sell drugs “because they’re une­d­u­cat­ed, they’re lazy, and they’re moral­ly bank­rupt.

(Yelping mongrel,Mark Levin)

But this arti­cle is hard­ly about those clowns, we knew they exist­ed, they have always exist­ed. House slaves?.….. Maybe, but there were good hous­es slaves we are told. History tells us that some house slaves actu­al lis­tened in on the con­ver­sa­tions hap­pen­ing inside the big house and con­veyed what they learned to the escape move­ment hap­pen­ing on the out­side.
It is dif­fi­cult to refer to the likes of David Clarke, Allan West, Candace Owens, Larry Elder, or the two pup­pets on a stick that calls them­selves (dia­mond & silk) and the many oth­ers as, (house slaves), that would not be fair even to the dis­par­aged house slaves, so we have to sim­ply refer to them as slaves.

(Psycho moron Glen Beck)

As for the bot­tom feed­ers who spend their days yelling into micro­phones, while defe­cat­ing in their draw­ers, about how black peo­ple demon­strat­ing for their dig­ni­ty are com­mu­nists, social­ists, anar­chists, and every oth­er neg­a­tive label their lit­tle minds can dredge up .…… To them we say, “shut up already, we have heard that song and dance before.“
People fight­ing for their rights are none of the things you would like the world to believe they are. You are only suc­ceed­ing in mak­ing your­selves look stu­pid and even more racists when you insist that they are.
Of course, to the 35 – 40% of the coun­try that fol­lows behind these clowns like sheep, the dis­gust­ing and igno­rant lies, they spew dai­ly has become a cult gospel.

(Always yap­ping ‚Chihuahua Sean Hannity)

White men, the bane of this world’s exis­tence, cer­tain­ly does not get to tell black peo­ple how they are feel­ing. Either you join the move­ment or get out of the way. Yell all you want about the fact that racists stat­ues are com­ing down. The real­i­ty is that these racist edi­fices are indeed com­ing down whether you like it or not.
It is always the norm to talk about black pro­test­ers in deroga­to­ry terms, we all know those terms by now, in fact, as woke black peo­ple we real­ly are not both­ered by them.
So when you scream thugs, ani­mals, scum, ter­ror­ists, com­mu­nists, social­ists, left­ists, we hold up a mir­ror to your face, so you have a pic­ture of who you are describing.

(Bloated blimp Tucker Carlson)

A hit pig squeals the loud­est. The group that yells the loud­est is the group that is most cul­pa­ble. When peo­ple of col­or stand up and say “no more’ to hun­dreds of years of bru­tal­i­ty and mur­der at the hands of the white race we real­ly do not care what names you choose to assign to us”.
We are sim­ply say­ing we will tol­er­ate any more of your abuse, nei­ther will we con­tin­ue to sub­ject our­selves to your graven imagery and racist edi­fices. They must all come down.
Change is hap­pen­ing, it won’t hap­pen all at once, but rest assured, this moment is the begin­ning of the end of white supremacy.


Mike Beckles is a for­mer police Detective cor­po­ral, busi­ness­man, free­lance writer,
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