These Pastors Are Heretics

There is much to be said about the dis­par­i­ty between African-American and White Evangelicals and their response to Donald Trump.
Persons pay­ing atten­tion can prat­tle off a litany of these dis­par­i­ties between the two groups.
We under­stand that Franklin Graham’s views dif­fer from that of his father the late Reverend Billy Graham, at least in public.

We also under­stand that Pat Robertson’s hypocrisy is astound­ing as it relates to Barack and Michelle Obama and Donald Trump. In instance, after instance, there is more than ample evi­dence that even in the sup­posed body of Christ Race is a sig­nif­i­cant factor.
The sim­ple fact is that all of the dis­par­i­ties come down to one word “Race”.

At some point in time, the African-American com­mu­ni­ty must decide whether it is being served with the voic­es of these heretics ele­vat­ed to speak on its behalf?

At the risk of pil­ing on, I have to ask whether or not the main­stream media is doing this nation a tremen­dous dis­ser­vice by high­light­ing cer­tain Members of the Black Clergy in the age of Trump.

Darrel Scott

The chal­lenge for mem­bers of the African-American com­mu­ni­ty is how to dis­as­so­ci­ate itself from apos­tates like Mark Burns and Darrel Scott. This at a time when the media con­tin­ue to give these heretics a plat­form to speak on behalf of a sys­tem and an occu­pant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue whose val­ues are anti­thet­i­cal to their values.