The Donald Trump“s, Experiment Disastrous Consequences.…

From Contributor: Errol McLeish

The Donald Trump exper­i­ment is over.
Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, has lost the elec­tion. The world can now breathe a sigh of relief that a man who has defied con­ven­tion and was inept at gov­er­nance, pret­ty soon, will no longer be the leader of the might­i­est coun­try in the world.
Relieved, a poten­tial sec­ond term in office for Trump was avert­ed, by way of the bal­lot, to pre­vent fur­ther harm and dam­age to the United States and America’s allies.
The mag­ni­tude of his dis­as­trous tenure will prob­a­bly not be ful­ly under­stood in the short term. Nevertheless, we know that Mr. Trump’s inep­ti­tude con­tributed to the death of over 200,000 of his own coun­try­men and women due to his mis­han­dling of the covid ‑19 pandemic.
That, no doubt, will be a part of his lega­cy. Trump’s ascen­dence to the United States’ pres­i­den­cy can only be described as an exper­i­ment gone wrong.
He was elect­ed pri­mar­i­ly because he was not a career politi­cian and vot­er apa­thy in the polit­i­cal process and politi­cians was at its high­est. Another cru­cial fac­tor was that vot­ers were faced with choos­ing between two flawed can­di­dates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
In the end, they chose the for­mer of the two, with the hope, that Trump, not being a career politi­cian and the promis­es he made, appealed to a bat­tle-weary fatigued citizenry.
Tred of cor­rupt politi­cians, they hoped he would be work­ing for and on behalf of the peo­ple. Instead, they got a grotesque ver­sion of their expectation.
Trump was cer­tain­ly not the run of the mill politi­cian. In fact, by his admis­sion, he was nev­er a politi­cian. He tried sell­ing him­self as dif­fer­ent from career politi­cians, who often spoke out of two sides of their mouths and could not be trusted.
They were tired of politi­cians who imple­ment­ed poli­cies that ben­e­fit­ed the wealthy and their lob­by­ists. He promised that he would drain the swamp, but instead, he per­pet­u­at­ed and epit­o­mized the very con­cept of what the swamp is.
Donald Trump will end his one term as President of the United States the way he start­ed it: unpop­u­lar, divi­sive, con­tentious, and mendacious.
To top it all off, he ques­tioned the elec­toral process’s integri­ty and those respon­si­ble for its oper­a­tion and logis­tics. He was thrust into office, rather for­tu­itous­ly. He was removed by some of the very peo­ple who had vot­ed for him.
They became weary and tired of his abra­sive, con­tentious, and com­bat­ive approach to leadership.
Ultimately, his han­dling of the pan­dem­ic, may have been the straw that broke the prover­bial Camel’s back.
The American peo­ple can­not entire­ly be blamed for mak­ing a bad choice in Donald Trump for their pres­i­den­cy; they hon­est­ly believed that the exper­i­ment of using an out­sider would have pro­duced a more favor­able result. Instead, it was an utter dis­as­ter and poten­tial threat to the demo­c­ra­t­ic process they exem­pli­fied and hold sacred.
On reflec­tion, I hope, that with this expe­ri­ence, the American peo­ple will have learned a pre­cious les­son, and that is, not to elect a snake oil sales­per­son to the office of the pres­i­den­cy, or they will get exact­ly what they bar­gained for, a decep­tive, poten­tial despot, who was a threat to democ­ra­cy that is the United States.

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